7 Ways To Create More Energy

I have to admit I love lists.

Here is one more about Energy Creation, but not precisely in the way you might have thought.


i) Look for a way to smile and laugh in conversations.

ii) Speak with a higher pitched voice as you keep your back straight and sort of think you perform whilst you’re on a stage.

iii) *IGNORE* those who aren’t ‘in the mood’ or who doesn’t ‘get it’ with respect to the atmosphere of the conversation.

iv) Talk about all the fun stuff that *you* actually enjoy talking about and laugh at the jokes and things *you* find funny. Do not pretend to laugh at things you don’t think are hilarious.

v) Make it your mission to make other people’s lives better every time they interact with you and keep your own problems to yourself. The world doesn’t need another one.

vi) Have integrity in your life. Keep some minimum standards for everything.

vii) Understand that there is an abundance of people out there who are waiting to meet and see *YOU*, but only if the best possible version of you are showing up.

And that’s that.

Pay especially attention to the final point. Yes, I know it sounds like kind of a cliché, but still not. You need to show up and be the best version of yourself possible. There is no need to half ass life and be yet one of those nagging Energy Vampires who makes everyone around you miserable.

Life is simply too short.

Who knows, you could literally die tomorrow.

I’m not saying ‘yolo’ in everything you do, then again, perhaps that’s what I am saying. Be smart. Leave behind a good reputation.

And if you have problems understand exactly how this ties into TEP, I’m more than happy to tell you how. 

In fact, I don’t even need to ‘tell you how.’ 

You can find out just about everything yourself when you subscribe to my email list and get your hands on my FREE ebook which weighs in at a massive 28 pages, jam-packed with golden nuggets and a lifetime of free information that cost me blood, sweat, tears and just about every piece of my heart and soul. 

One key to Instant, Elevated Levels of Energy is happiness. 

Yes, good ole’ happiness. 

It’s just not being talked about that much these days. 


If you’d like to know more, 

Just click this link and follow instructions: www.aaryningen.com

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