The nasty G-word EV’s love


Let’s talk about an oft ignored part of Time and Energy Protection [TEP] which I think gets far too little focus these days.


And how especially other people who are around you make you feel guilty.

Now, I could go on and on about these other people. You know, The Energy Vampires [EV’s]. And, even though I have done so in the past and probably will do it a lot more in the future, going on and on about such people really doesn’t help what happens inside your head when you get subjected to their evil and wicked ways. It’s kind of like describing the problem over and over again without offering any solution.

After all, you don’t like it when Ze Doktor gives you the diagnosis, but not the pills to cure your disease, right?

Before I deep dive into your head, let’s make a couple of things crystal clear; Yes, you absolutely should avoid EV’s at all costs. Find them, identify them, stay away from them and set up your life where you do not even have to deal with them at all.

That’s rule №1.

However, this can only take you so far.

After all, you will eventually be subjected to an EV and all their nonsense.

Sure, you can battle them and fight back. Sometimes that might be wise. Other times, it is for nothing as some of them can be quite difficult to deal with, and also are literally programmed to think the way they do. You cannot ‘unwire’ or ‘rearrange’ their circuits.

But you can rewire and even unplug some of your own circuits.

And that’s what I’d love to talk about right now. What really happens inside *your* head when you are listening to all their nonsense?

Where is all this guilt coming from? Why do you allow anyone at all to make you feel bad and make you feel guilty over not conforming to their world view and their view of doing life?

It all comes down to a handful of things in my opinion. A lot of these dating and PUA coaches touch on it, in order to make you feel comfortable around girls. And some of what they say might even be necessary for you to implement.

The coaches and other people talk a lot about radiating confidence.

And sure, you must indeed radiate confidence. Both around girls and EV’s. But whence does this confidence come? How do you achieve it?

In my personal opinion it boils down to only one thing:

Collecting experiences.

As in going out, making mistakes, learning something, putting in the work, make another mistakes, identify the gap(s), fill them in, go out and execute, succeed, then move on to other ventures, and the cycle repeats itself.

You look at your Humble Pi(l)e of racked up mistakes sometimes and you laugh.

Because you have been there, you’ve done that, and you know this taught you about life.

No, that doesn’t mean doing dumb stuff that you know won’t take you closer to your goals. It means you need to go out there and try.

If you’re shy around girls, you need to bite the bullet and walk over and talk to them. Yes this is scary if you haven’t done it before. And it’ll get even scarier if you do not do anything about it.

If you’re out of shape it means actually sacking up and going to the gym. Or even better, get your diet right, buy some kettlebells or weights and train at home ferociously to improve your shape.

If you’re poor and broke it means grinding hard and making more money by building a side business whilst leveling up in your regular job. And if you do not even have a job, get one, even if it means working as a pizza delivery boy.

If you’re risk averse it means paying for courses, getting a little burnt, going to conferences you don’t know anything about and learn something about yourself. How do you react around other people? How do you respond to people asking you questions about your own life? How can you sell yourself and your services to other people?

Do you understand what I mean?

If you accumulate experiences, both wins and losses, you’ll over time understand who you are and how you respond to adversity. You’ll also gain incredible self-confidence and radiate it, because if you *persist* through your adversity, you will win.

And this is how you not only deal with EV’s, but you look right through their eyes and *nail them to the wall*.

They have no beef or argument with you.

You’ve been there, done that.

In other news, I am happy to tell you that another way of racking up experiences is by following what I teach in the 28-page thick FREE ebook which you’ll get ONLY by subscribing to my email list. 

I’ll make it real easy for you. 

Just click this link and follow instructions:

See you on the other side.

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