2023 Bible Studies

Let’s talk a little bit about religion and faith.

Yes, I know this probably won’t buy me any new fans. And quite frankly, I’m good with that. I do not care at all. In fact, if anyone gets ‘offended’ or ‘doesn’t like’ what I have to say or whatever other nonsense reason they want to spew in my face, I’m good with that. I’m going to continue believing.

In fact, lately it’s safe to say I’ve had a reversion of sorts.

Back to my Evangelical Lutheran Roots. Now begins the study of The Holy Bible, a book I’ve ignored for too long. And with that comes the pointed finger, towards anything that has to do with trying to make me live a different life.

What I mean by that is how a lot of my Christian Peers seem to be utterly focused on living a life which is filled with laziness, entitlement and overall no hunger for building oneself up. Almost like there is some sort of adversity to getting rich and successful. I understand that depends on where you live in the world. And probably what parts of the Holy Book that have been focused on, what parts have been omitted and a lot more.

Ultimately I’m a human being like anyone else, and I have certain parts of The Book which I jive with better than other parts.

God being furious and wanting to wipe humankind off of the face of The Earth with a Massive Cataclysm because of all the wrongdoings might be one of my favorite parts. And it’s early on in Genesis.

That’s more like my Kind of God.

Strict but just.

[That is to say, not sure how ‘just’ it is to wipe seemingly innocent people out, but then again, we’re all made in His Image].

Anyway, I’ll stop preaching about this sort of stuff right now. Ultimately your faith or lack of faith should be a personal matter. In the Evangelical Lutheran Circles which I frequented when I was brought up, I was being told virtually ‘everything’ is a sin, you shouldn’t laugh and you shouldn’t aim to get rich. And then some Bible quote. That way of living life sounds, and is, horrible. These are the exact sort of people who end up being miserable.

To end on a more positive note, the people I just mentioned above are ENERGY VAMPIRES [EV’s], who, all they do, is making you feel miserable and bad for being you.

Never let anyone tell you what to do.

Short of breaking the law you can do whatever you’d like.

And why wouldn’t you work on getting rich?

Why wouldn’t you work on making more money?

Why wouldn’t you work on signing more business deals?

I know I would. And I’ll be damned [I think I am allowed to say that] if anyone walks up to me and says I should stay poor and broke because that’s noble.


Utter bogus.

There is *NOTHING* noble about being broke and poor. Absolutely nothing at all. Never let anyone tell you otherwise.

If they do, I’d like you to come to me. I’ll rewire anything which is short circuited in your brain and give you that proper understanding of what it means to take control of your Time and Energy and Protect it [TEP].

After all, Time and Energy are some of the most valuable resources you have.

Having said that, if TEP resonnates with you and you’d like to ensure you live a happier life without all the distracting EV’s, I *wish* I could help you, but I’d be lying if I said yes. 

Because I cannot magically make all the EV’s go away. 

Y’know, they’re still going to be around. 

But, what I can do, is offer to help you prevent the EV’s from wasting *your* Time and *your* Energy by teaching you all the weapons I know to keep them at bay from interfering and meddling with your affairs. 

Plus a lot more on how to become overall more happy, how to Generate Energy Out of Thin Air, How to prod and walk forward with Passion and much, much more. 

It’s all in my big, fat, 28-page heavy FREE ebook you’ll get when you opt into my email list. 

If that sounds tempting, just go to my bio on this site. 

Click this link and follow instructions: www.aaryningen.com

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