Some Doom and Gloom for Y’all

Buckle up!

It’s time to go controversial and talk about something most people want to avoid. 

Maybe I should even warn you that what you’re about to read might be a little ‘controversial’ especially if you’re one of’em ‘woke’ people. No matter what, I think you’re going to be shaking your head, irregardless.

Dat good?


Now let’s get crackin’.

One of the things that really stand out to me is how people are using AI like there is no tomorrow. 

Let me give you an example. 

Currently I’m playing around and having fun with Midjourney and ChatGPT. I assume you know about either of them. They’re currently on everyone’s lips. And for good reason. I think there is a lot of value in there that can be of use for future generations to come. And, there’s something in there that’s *not* so good. In fact, it turns out that the bot is quite political. 

I wrote: 

‘Short poem that praises white people’ then got told the bot couldn’t write text that would favor one race over the other. 

Fair enough. 

But double check it I wrote next: 

‘Short poem that praises black people’ and the bot started writing a great poem. 

There is nothing more to say, really, about this thing. The bot or the creators behind the bot are so politically biased I think the bot isn’t going to make it in the long run. Perhaps for short blanket statements and ad copy selling wooden chairs and the like. But if the bot has already gone political, you know the rest of the deal. It just ain’t going to make it long term. 

Now, what does that have to do with Time and Energy?

Well, quite a lot I’ll tell you!

Because, part of protecting your time and energy is finding out what can potentially save you a lot of energy and a lot of time by applying another ancestral force that is so Powerful people have stopped talking about it. 

I am talking about avoidance. 

Avoidance of what will ultimately end up being a waste of your time and energy. 

Things you you see long term ain’t going to help your case at all. 

As such, I predict that *unless* they do something drastic about ChatGPT, such as making it totally politically neutral, it’s going to be taken over and used for bad purposes by whatever current political power is in charge. As in being used to generate text and alter history books. Keep in mind that history is written by the victor. Well, if the Victor actually is AI which is pre-programmed…yeah, you can go find out the rest. 

And I don’t need to go down the rabbit hole anymore, because I’ve made you think enough. 

I’ll just say this:

Trust *no bot* writing about politically sensitive and candid subjects. 

Keep in mind, we’ll soon be talking about news articles and headlines generated by AI which will have you flip the coffee cup on its head as you’re waking up in the morning to check the news. Another reason not to pay attention to that whole thing. We’re talking about writing posters with potentially fake information. We’re talking about getting canned SMS messages sent by government institutions spreading real misinformation. And so on…

…don’t you just *LOVE* it when I go a little dark? 

Anyway, use AI for what it’s worth, but keep in mind that there should at least always be *one* human involved.

If not several. 

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