Allow ZER-OH fat people in your life! Here’s Why:

…they’re simply going to eat up your precious time and energy. 

Yes, I have a very strict ‘no fat people around me’ policy which I ruthlessly enforce. Actually I’m very happy to do so, and I seek out new reasons all the time to make sure fat people stay away from me. Now, there are a couple of exceptions here. I guess certain relatives and people in my family could be considered fat. That is one exception for so many reasons. But just because they’re family doesn’t mean they are permitted my valuable time as much as they’d like. And I have no qualms about calling them out for their physical state. Still, they belong to the exception category. 

I could extrapolate that to include potential business partners and clients as well. 

And also, whilst I’m on it, let’s include anyone who’s currently fat, but who’s working relentlessly hard to slim down. There’s a guy on Twitter I follow, I think his name is Dave Danna. Very inspiring to see him lose his fat. Think he started out at over 400 lbs. Is now at 290 lbs or something. 

Such a fat person, who’s aiming to become slim, is someone I *do* want around in my life. 

And here’s why. 

You see, fat people who work hard on losing weight possess what most people who are slim or in shape have. 

It is almost an ancestral secret that has been neglected for far too long and that you you’ll be hard pressed to locate even in institutions where you’d expect it to be rampant. 

Such as the military or police. 

I could go on and on about this, but it doesn’t matter. 

What matters is, I get to the case right now. 

And that is simply letting you in on this ancestral secret that so many people have forgotten to implement. The fatsos and the police. 

Namely, discipline. 

Yes, discipline. 

If you are in shape, have a lot money, are good with girls, routinely get business deals worth Millions and so on, you have at some point worked tremendously hard for achieving your benefits. Sure, there has been talent involved. But hard work and discipline also. Anyone who’s into boxing remembers what retired world champion Floyd Mayweather always said; ‘Hard work and dedication’ and ‘Hard work is easy work’. Then he’d go to the club late at nigth, drink sparkling water and then run home, as his night workout. I also saw clips of him driving to the boxing gym for a night workout after having clubbed. And other boxers said he’d often call them at 2 AM in the morning to tell’em to get to the boxing gym because he wanted to spar them. 

Now that’s certainly discipline. 

But, what does this have to do with TEP [Time and Energry Protection]? 

Well, I say it has *everything* to do with TEP. 

You see, if you’re disciplined, you not only get more done in a day, you’re usually more structured, your life is in order, you have way more energy to get more things done, because you have way more time on your hand. 

It is that simple, yet that difficult. 

How many times do you see obese and fat people run from one thing to the other? How many times do you see them really engaged in something unless they’re gazing at their favorite chocolate cake? When was the last time someone fat had a lot of time and energy on their hands? 

How many times haven’t you heard something like the following; ‘I was sitting at home binging XYZ show and then all of a sudden the whole day passed and I felt depressed’ or some garbage like that. 

It is *always* a fattie saying such words, feeling sorry for themselves. 

Anyway, I won’t keep you for longer, this has gone on for long enough. 

And if you are fat or overweight, you know what to do. Get your arse in the gym and start losing those pounds. Exercise discipline to get more time and energy on your hand. 

If the above isn’t enough, I’ve also got more for you. 

Namely my coaching calls, starting at $500 per hour. 

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