Teeth-Pulling Frankenstein Nightmares

That is the best way to summarize it. 

I am actually referring to something as simple and menial as going to the dentist. The reason why I have a great deal to say about it, I have a fear of going to the dentist. Genuinely. You could put me inside an experimental lab that would make both Mengele and Frankenstein appear like pretty lil’ Choir Bois and I’ll guarantee you I’d have the same knee-jerk reaction to the whole thing as if ten hot blondes with big tits were performing certain activities on me and I had the world’s best dentist who genuinely did everything with care. 

Yes, I am happy to admit, this is a real challenge for me. 

Hence why I strike though any mental ceiling I have allowed to be constructed in my mind and surrender myself to the mercy of some experimental white lab coat human being with what I consider genuine torture instruments. 

Every year.

30 minutes or so pain, hell and horror and I am back. 

My denture [it feels like I have a denture when they’re done with me] has been approved for another year of usage. 

And I have gotten mentally stronger. Because I did something that genuinely spooked me, but was 100% necessary. And I encourage you to do the same thing. Be it defying your fear of heights, riding an airplane, walking up to a hot girl, having a fight, speaking in public or some such. It doesn’t matter. As long as you’re not getting hurt or hurt others in the process, go do it. 

I guess that kind of doesn’t apply to having a fight or sparring a tough buy in the boxing gym, but you get the jist of what I mean. 

Now, what does this have to do with time and energy protection and management? 

Oh, I’ll tell you. 

It has a lot to do with that. 

Firstly, the moment you actually defy your fears and you do something that genuinely makes you uncomfortable, you won’t waste so much time procrastinating and finding reasons to not do said task the next time. You’ve already done it once. Why can’t you do it again? The more you do these things, the less mental energy you spend on it and as a consequence, time. 

Fear can in many ways be ‘planned’ or even eliminated. 

I’ll expand on what I mean. 

Previously I used to be fearful the whole week before the day of the dentist appointment. 

Could hardly sleep. Would walk around in circles mulling over all the bad stuff that could happen. Genuinely feel bad. And so on. Of course that didn’t serve any purpose. But I kept on doing it, because that sort of fear was irrational. The more I went to the dentist, the less scared I got. Sure I didn’t, and I still not, do like it. But as the years went on, I stopped being fearful and even thinking about the dentist until the day of the appointment. That helped a lot. Then I didn’t think about it until I walked into the dental office. Then I didn’t think about until I saw the dentist. 

So on and so forth. 

The more I kept going and subjecting myself to fear, the less of an impact it had on me. 

Today was actually the ‘best’ day in that regard. 

I didn’t start sweating or getting nervour until the dentist started picking and scraping on my teeth with these little sticks or rods or whatever they’re called. 

Who knows what will happen the next time? 

Maybe I won’t even react at all? 

And, here is the beautiful ‘hidden’ secret; 

I now no longer waste my time thinking about something that I have little or no control over. 

I can now use that whole week of extra time to do productive work, go train, have fun, live my life and so on. 

And so can you. 

You *CAN* legitimately free up more time and therefore energy by subjecting yourself to more fears and things you genuinely consider scary. 

As always, my time and energy calls are available at request. Starting at $500.  

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