The poor fitness gurus

One of the most strenuous and challenging ways to lose weight and to get in better shape is what I see so many people are doing nowadays. 

They’re “tracing their macros”, weighing their meals, counting calories and measuring how big their servings are. Almost like in a scientific laboratory. Because that’s what food and eating is to them. Not pleasure. Not culture. Not something to enjoy. But something that is more rigid than even what Einstein was calculating when he was doing his infamous relative theory. 

I’m sure you’ve seen these people. They’re all over social media, showing off their muscular bodies. 

But that’s also everything that they’re doing. 

They don’t have LIFE outside of training and eating. To them, eating right is the only thing that matters. 

If they don’t get X amount of carrots, chicken and brown rice on their plate they flip. 

Do you really want to live such a life? 

I surely don’t. 

I mean, everybody wants a ripped body, but at what cost? Is it really worth it when you know they have to assume the right pose to make as many of their abs pronounced as they’re doing their photo shoots? 


If you struggle with your weight and you want to look and feel better, there’s nothing wrong with that. And you don’t have to become an exercise fanatic either. 

Instead, do the simple stuff. Eat less. Don’t consume too much sugar. Train a little. And try BURN XT DIET PILLS.

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