A “special kind” of bone health

If you don’t like sharks, don’t read this email.


One of the most ferocious sharks in the world is the bull shark. 

Not only is the fish pretty big, it can swim fast and it doesn’t mind chewing up a human or two for lunch. I’d dare to say you hardly stand a chance against one if you’re underwater. I’ve never been subjected to a shark attack myself, and I hope I never will. 

Anyway, here’s some thought food for ya to chill your bones…

One of the major inspirations for the movie ‘Jaws’ was actually shark attacks on the mainland, from a river. 

Yes, it turns out that certain sharks actually enjoy swimming upstream in freshwater.

One of those sharks is the bullshark. 

I don’t know the distance, but they actually have found bullsharks as far north as Illinois in the US. In the Mississippi river. Which means that the bullsharks must have swam about 190 miles or so (at least). 

That’s what Joe Rogan said on his podcast recently. 

It’s pretty fascinating. 

Especially when you think about the fact that you’re actually not safe from the fangs of Mother Nature, even when you’re swimming in a river. 

Another thing is just how lucky some people can be. 

There’s a video of a diver who’s out spearfishing. I think he’s got the camera mounted on his head so that you get a first-person perspective of what’s taking place. 

All of a sudden there appears a giant, open mouth in the distance. 

It’s closing in on him, fast. 

It’s a bullshark, and the shark wants the diver for dinner. 

Perhaps one human wasn’t enough that day. 

The diver quickly takes his speargun and shoots it into the shark’s throat and kills it. If the diver didn’t have that speargun, he’d be shark toast. Literally. 

Bottom line is, if you care about your bones and you don’t want them squeezed and crushed by a voracious killer, then don’t engage with sharks. 

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The whole email has literally got nothing to do with improving your bone health. Or does it? If you look at it from a sick point of view it kind of does.

And that is the point with this email.

To educate and entertain and at the same time let people know just how lucky they are who don’t have to fight off sharks (shark attacks on humans are so rare, it’s almost a non-factor, at least the last time I checked).

Anyway, if you like this way of writing emails and you’d like to learn more about how I can help you sell your health supplement, reach out to me here:


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