Smelly farts in the Zoom training

This one is a bit on the edge, but hey….it’s 2021, right?


Online Zoom training has become a thing. 

And I actively participate in one. Every week I train 2-3 trainings online with people from around the world. 

Most of the time I enjoy doing it.

But I know about a man who did not join a single second of his training because of his stomach. 

Yeah, that’s right. 

You see, he’d been stuffing himself full of good food that particular day of the training. 

He said he’d been making himself this great dinner and had some soft drinks as well. I don’t think he’d been drinking alcohol, though. 

So, the training starts…

And he’s extremely gassy. 

To the point where he farts even if he makes as much as one movement. 

You know how it feels when your digestive system doesn’t want to cooperate with you, right? Things go ‘a little slow’ down there. 

You desperately want to press that chunk of food through your intestines and dump it. But, you’re met with resistance and adversity. 

Instead of allowing the food pass in a normal way….

….things stop. 

It’s a logjam. 

And there is a huge blockage of gas in the food’s way. 

Waiting to be released. 

In fact, by taking several movements you let out so much gas it feels like something I don’t want to describe in detail here. 

As the man told me later…

 ‘By the time I was done training it stank so bad I was afraid my landlady living above me could feel it. Didn’t even help opening up the windows. I just hope my mic wasn’t turned on…’

I surely hope so, too. 

And I hope the next time he takes ABSORBAID digestive supplement  which is available right here:



And that is how the story goes.

Basically, I wanted to tell a story about how people struggle with having eaten too much of the bad foods and then they’re supposed to be in a meeting or even a training. I’ve in fact heard several stories of this kind.

Plus people who are in Zoom meetings, forget to turn their mic off and then use the restroom. I don’t have to go into details regarding that.

Anyway, what I will go into details regarding is my email list and the wisdom I preach there.

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