Let’s talk about something very embarrassing…

If you’ve ever farted in public you just want to find the nearest hole and dig yourself in it.

Yeah, I’m sure you know what I mean. Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself? You’re involuntarily drawing everyone’s attention to you in the worst possible way. People think that there is something wrong with you. That you’re one of those people without manners.

Well, here’s one thing that they’ve got right.

Your manners may be in place.

But, there is indeed something wrong inside you. Not with your head obviously. But with your gut. More precisely your digestion system and the gas production in your stomach. Before you start losing it however, realize that gas production is totally normal. Everyone needs to fart now and then. The average human being farts around 5-10 times a day.

So it’s not like going around without having to fart is what you’re striving for.

However, if you’re doing it like the example below, chances are that there may be something wrong with you;

Recently you’ve started on a semi-vegan diet. Your goal is to cut heavily down on meat eating and eventually going full plant based. Good on you for thinking about the environment! However, there are certain humps and hoops you have to overcome on your journey to become fully plant based.

One of them is the potential lack of vitamin B12 in your body. Especially since eating meat, diary and poultry gives you plenty of vitamin B12.

However, you’re determined to make the leap to becoming vegan.

So you’ve been eating more or less vegan and vegetarian dishes for about a month now.

Things have mostly been going fine but you struggle with your digestion. More precisely you struggle with getting a bloated stomach and lots of gas in it.

And this is becoming a problem for you.

Then one day things escalate quickly into something you’d never imagine that would happen.

You are to give a presentation in front of your boss and your co-workers.

You’ve been preparing well. You know the presentation by heart. It’s all really just a matter of getting it done.

That tasty vegan lunch you had has been brewing in your stomach for quite a while, creating lots of gas. 

As usual. Only this time, there appears to be more gas than normal.

And that gas needs to leave your body sooner or later…

Now there’s no holding it back. You need to let go of it. And quickly so.

It’s like your legs are crumbling under you and you have a very uncomfortable body language. It’s very apparent that you are visibly bothered by something. People can see that you’re not doing well.

People look at you like there’s something really wrong.

Your boss asks you if you’re okay. 

‘Yeah….uhm….actually, can you excuse me for five minutes?’

‘Sure’, your boss says. 

So you turn around and attempt to walk for the restroom. 

But before you even manage to leave the door you can’t hold it in anymore. All that gas that’s been accumulating the entire morning is now ready to explode like an atomic bomb.

You crank under pressure and let go of the loudest fart you’ve ever heard. You can feel how your butt is literally shaking….

And that dark hole you wanted to dig yourself in doesn’t seem to be anywhere nearby…

Obviously the above example was hypothetical. Although I very much believe that there are people have experienced similar cases. Perhaps even in more intimate circumstances than a simple job presentation at work.

Gas production and digestion problems, especially amongst those who have a vegan or low meat diet can be due to vitamin B12 deficiency.

Having a gassy stomach is one of the milder symptoms, though. Heart palpitations, tiredness and diarrhea can also be consequences of having low vitamin B12 levels in your body.

If you for any reason don’t eat a lot of meat you should look to take a vitamin B12 supplement.

Flatulence may be just an awkward problem, but heart palpitations and even low production of DNA and red blood cells, which vitamin B supports, is not.

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