Three reasons to get XXX XXX!

[This is a typical email template for any given supplement. Names have been redacted for obvious reasons].


You know what’s white and blue and supports skin, immune health and vision?

Why nothing else than XXX XXX XXX!

In many ways this beta carotene supplement is like the honor student in class. And that is because it supports skin health, your immune health and your vision.

Like an anti-oxidant superpower, XXX XXX is all the free radicals worst nightmare, making your body stronger by the day. 

All derived from natural sources such as 50 mg of Beta Carotene Norisoprenoid Blend (BNCB) and 2500 mcg Vitamin A. 

Don’t let your body miss out on these massive health benefits. 

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Just some reflections.

The reason I didn’t write more was to simply get down to business. Nobody in the customer group wants to read empty words and filler content that doesn’t let them know what they’re after. Most people dislike wasting their time. Especially today during the age of incessant, mindless scrolling and watching videos.

That’s why I jumped right into it without ‘telling a story’ or ‘adding value’ in any way.

Emails in 2021 don’t work that way. Of course that depends on the customer group and what you’re trying to sell.

But you can imagine it yourself. If you have a health issue and all you care about is how to get it fixed, would you care about anything else in the world but your health issue?

Chances are you won’t, right?

So why not reflect that in the email also? In this case I’m addressing a vanity issue. This is mostly for young, particularly female users who want a smooth and tanned skin color. In other words young girls who spend a lot of times gossiping on social media. Hence why I just jump straight to the point.

If the customer group were men, I’d written the email differently.

Anyway, ponder and reflect about this and let me know what you think.

11 reasons why dieting sucks…

Let’s be honest. 

A lot of people who start dieting because they need to lose weight, fat or just get in shape, never get so far. 

In fact, the second week of February is when most people give in and break their promises. It’s still dark and cold outside, and preparing yet another meal according to strict guidelines where you have to measure ounces, weigh milligrams and track calories simply isn’t that fun…or appealing.

Not to mention time-consuming. Who knows how many hours you’d have to devote to make everything perfect.

And who can fault people who quit their resolutions?

After all it is difficult to eat healthy all the time, stay in shape and you know all the boring things that these fitness gurus claim they do. 

Here’s something that many of these Instagram gorgeous looking models and fitness freaks don’t have to go through…


Yeah, what about that? How many hours a day and how much time don’t you think these fitness models have for planning out and preparing their meals, then spend hours in the gym working out on exercises that are tailored to give them their exact version of a dream body. 

Do you see them running to and fro kindergarten every day? Or having to shuffle away snow in the driveway before they can even get to the car? Do they have to drive off to work and give presentations? What about going grocery shopping during rush hours? 

I bet you many of these fitness gurus would look anything like a fitness guru if they too had to do everything that an ordinary human being had to.

Listen, I’m not saying that you should completely ditch your diet and not care about what you’re putting in your body. Of course not. Your body needs to be taken care of. So don’t look at this is as an instruction to stuff yourself full of candy and sugary soft-drinks.

I’m just saying there are supplements out there that promote cardiovascular health. A lot of them contain antioxidants that battle free radicals. There’s also lots of vitamins and minerals that is good for your heart.

Do what your doctor tells you, but losing fat or getting in shape doesn’t mean you have to kill your food fascination.

I think you know where to go from here.

The Hyaluronic Acid Secret

One of the most painful sights I’ve ever seen was an older woman who was sitting on a bench and then attempted to walk over to an ATM. 

When I say “attempted”, that’s what I really mean. Because there wasn’t much movement in her joints. She was in many ways like a Zombie. Her body was one big lump of rebar. Immovable. Like a robot. Almost like it was stuck in place.

I could kind of spot it on her as she was getting ready to rise up. I was sitting right behind her, so it was kind of impossible not to see the major struggle she was going through. 

First, she started wiggling a little back and forth. You know when people are couch-dancing or sitting in a chair, cheering for their favorite team. The same kind of movements. Only they weren’t as intense, and there wasn’t anything to cheer for in her instance. 

She moved her buttock back and forth until she’d gathered enough momentum to lift herself up. In many ways it was comical to watch, but to her it was probably anything but comical.

As she elevated herself I could hear her knees squeak. It was that nasty kind of sound when you’re squeezing your fingers so that it sounds like your bones are breaking. 

Although I couldn’t see her face, her body language from behind revealed it all. She had to pause for a second and probably gather her thoughts and senses. 

Next, she attempted to walk over to the AMV that was right in front of her.

The distance must have been some 30 feet. Perhaps not even that. 

Believe me when I say it, I’ve never seen such stiff hips in my life.

It was as if she’d decided not to use her hips at all. Instead, her shoulders were wiggling to the left and to the right, as was her head.

The movement that her hips usually took care of, her upper body now had to do. 

Her hips were literally so stiff they were…locked! 

It was no longer painful to watch. 

It was atrocious. And there was nothing I could do. 

Finally, after spending 5 minutes or so doing something that should take 10 second maximum, she’d reached her destination and could now start withdrawing cash. 

I guess she must have spent a day’s worth of calories walking over to that ATM. 

And this brings me to the rub; 

A lot of elderly people struggle with stiff joints, particularly their hips. As they age, their tendons, ligaments and bones seem to almost fasten in place. The result is a stiff, rigid and sore body. Not to mention inability to do lots of things.

Even something as mundane as just rising up from a sitting position or walking a short distance is a dreaded task. 

And here’s something that you might didn’t know…

A lot of it comes down to a lack of lubrication. 

Your joints simply lack a lubricant to smoothen the movements and make it easier to use your body. It’s almost like engine oil. Your car engine needs oil to function, otherwise it will be destroyed. 

Well, the same almost holds true for your joints. 

They won’t get destroyed, but they surely will be rigid and will feel painful to use.

And the little secret to fix that problem is nothing else than an acid called hyaluronic acid. It supports joint lubrication and may be exactly what you need if you feel you have stiff and sore joints. This doesn’t mean that you should consume concentrated raw hyaluronic acid, of course.

However, look for a joint supplement that contains hyaluronic acid. A lot of times, that will do the trick.

Dripping gutter…wide open fire hydrant

I’m referring to how it feels like visiting the restroom before versus after taking a prostate supplement. 

Think about it the next time you’re attempting to take a leak, but all you manage to do is letting go of little droplets. It feels like you’re emptying maybe one thousandth of your bladder. And it hurts so bad. It stings. It’s like somebody put needles or knives in your urine that slice your penis open from inside.

If you recognize some or all of these symptoms and you are struggling with frequent restroom visits and it just won’t stop, chances are that you may have issues with your prostate. 

Such as for example this one young man that I recently heard of.

He was only 24 years old when he started experiencing problems with his urination pattern. 

It all began an evening at the local pub. He’d been drinking some beers and all of a sudden felt a sharp, stinging sensation in his penis. He needed to pee immediately. 

The pain got progressively worse during the evening and by the time he got home he had to pee in a bottle every thirty seconds or so!

The following days it didn’t exactly get any better. In fact, it got worse.

In got so bad that he had to stay in his room for the next four days, moving between his bed and his bathroom! 

While his friends were out partying and drinking, he was confined to sitting on the toilet, trying to relax his pelvic muscles and finding out what was actually wrong with him. Imagine if you’re a student at a university and you want to go out and have fun. But you can’t because your penis, your pelvic area, your waist and your lower back hurt so bad.

It’s such a terrible pain that you actually have to lay down and hope that it goes away soon.

Going back to our young lad, after awhile he couldn’t get an erection.

So sex was out of the question. 

And he had constant pain in his lower back. It felt like he had a vice around his waist. 

These are typical symptoms for people who have issues with their prostate, be it prostate cancer, chronic prostatis or simply an enlarged and inflammated prostate. 

Saw Palmetto in combination with selenium and pumpkin oil, amongst other ingredients can help you better your prostate health. In fact, many men who have struggled with an enlarged prostate or related problems say their lives have been completely changed after they started taking a prostate supplement.

And that’s all that needs to be said, really.

If you think about the following, it makes perfect sense for you to take a prostate health supplement:

You can eventually start to enjoy sex again. Peeing won’t hurt. And that pain in your lower back may disappear totally.

Sounds like a better life, doesn’t it?

Lessons from a TV show?

In “Mad Men”, the main character Don Draper occasionally cheats on his wife. 

They live together in a big house outside of New York City with their two children. And most days when Don Draper cheats, his excuse for coming home late is work. 

However, one day he gets home very early and cannot pull the usual work excuse. 

So he comes up with a story about how he went to the doctor and was diagnosed with high blood pressure. That same afternoon, the family has spaghetti and meatballs for dinner. 

As Don Draper wants to help himself with salt, his wife refuses to give him salt and tells their children “Daddy can’t have salt, because he has high blood pressure!”

Yes, I know this is a television show and that you absolutely shouldn’t take health advice from such sources. However, there’s an important point in that scene that I want to discuss.

If we move on to more serious matters, salt can indeed be a contributor to high blood pressure. In fact, many people who eat foods with too much salt can get high blood pressure. 

What happens is, if you eat too much salt your body holds water to wash the salt from your body. That can cause your blood pressure to increase. 

Now, first and foremost that only applies to a couple of salt types. Mostly those salts that contain sodium. 

Not only that, but some more context is essential for understanding this condition. Usually other factors contribute to high blood pressure such as for example age, overweight, other diseases and illnesses and even genetics and stress.

When it comes to overweight there’s a lot you can do yourself. 

Lose fat. Start working out and eat healthy. Ditch the sugar. 

But, genetics, age and stress isn’t that easy to do anything with. In fact, stress is the only thing in that bracket that you can really “do” something about. 

Which means that oftentimes, it may help to take a blood pressure lowering supplement. 

I don’t know about you, but I don’t know how to reverse your aging process. Sure you may do a lot to slow it down like working out, dieting correctly and even do cosmetic surgery to make yourself look younger. There’s a lot that can be done on the outside of your body, but on the inside it’s a whole different story.

As for your genes, you know that as much as I do. Unless there is a fundamental breakthrough in science that allows you to take genes from another person, I wouldn’t count too much on removing the gene in your body that’s responsible for high blood pressure.

Lose fat and get your diet on track. Then of course talk to your doctor.

And as always I recommend you take a blood pressure supplement.

Something for the weak-boned…

Imagine you go through the following…

Your limbs start to mildly hurt. They feel uncomfortable. In fact, they’re starting to get weak. It’s like you cannot use them anymore. Sure, your grip is still there, and they function to some degree, but not like before. It’s almost as if their core structure has been weakened one way or the other.

It’s bugging you a lot. It means you cannot get on with your ordinary tasks in life.

Eventually you’re going to need help even doing the most mundane tasks such as for example putting on your pants, tying your shoes and even use the restroom.

So you really have no choice after a while but to go see the doctor and find out what’s wrong with you.

The result is disappointing to say the least. It looks like you’re slowly headed for osteoporosis. Your bones literally are disappearing. Your body is getting weaker and weaker. 

And your age doesn’t do anything better either. It’s not like you’re getting younger by the years.

Soon you’ll be one of those who have to mind your sneeze or cough. Not because of spreading viral diseases, but because the action of sneezing actually can fracture your bones! I’m not joking. This is what happens to a lot of of people whose osteoporosis progresses and is not being dealt with. A basic human function that you cannot do without is actually what may cause you to get hospitalized.

In fact, some people who have osteoporosis cannot even bend over and tie their shoelaces. The strain and pressure on the bones in their respective body parts is just too much.

That’s all it can take for your bones to burst.

And let’s not forget about walking outside and falling. It could mean a gross hip fracture and surgery. Especially during times like these when it’s winter and slippery across the northern hemisphere.

Here’s something that could cast a light on the dark osteoporosis shadow;

Something as simple as bone strength supplements. It’s no secret that calcium is responsible for bone strength. The same applies for vitamin D. As well as other nutrients such as for example potassium and magnesium. And let’s not forget vitamin C which is also related to bone strength.

But, getting all of these nutrients in your body throughout the day can be quite challenging since you have to prepare and eat a lot of different foods.

Which is why taking a bone strength supplement is being recommended. Of course as always, double check with your doctor before you start ordering anything.

That being said, I haven’t heard of anyone who’s gotten in worse shape and health because of bone strength supplements.

Let’s talk about something embarrassing…

If you’re struggling with urinary issues, you know all too well how inconvenient and uncomfortable it can be…

Not to mention embarrassing…

Let’s say you and your better half have decided to have a ‘parents only evening’. 

You’ve chased the kids out of the House. It’s been a long time since you’ve been intimate together. 

But tonight that changes. Finally you’re going to have sex again! It’s been way too long since the last time because work and parenting has gotten in the way. Now, though, there’s nothing that can stop you.

But as you get physical in the bedroom and you make your move to get Lil’ Herbie up and dancin’, nature calls…

…again! You have to pee really bad! And it’s not one of those circumstances where you can kind of ignore the bladder pressure and get on with your thing. This is really serious and it means you cannot allow yourself to get distracted doing other things. Even if they’re pleasant.

Frustrated you have to abort your Mission and head for the restroom.

But as you attempt to take a leak, only little droplets of urine comes out of your penis.

There’s no stream! Even though you can feel your bladder is full and you need to let it out, nothing’s really passing through! 

And it hurts really bad every time to attempt to squeeze out anything.

Tonight’s love session is long gone, but so is your ability to pee like a normal human being.

Urinary issues can be a symptom of having an enlarged prostate. A lot more men than you think have this problem. But so few talk about it. Because it’s embarrassing. And that’s understandable. If you’re struggling to pee and it’s so bad you cannot even have sex, would you talk about it in public?

Probably not.

However, what has been seen in scientific studies is that many urinary issues stem from a lack of three core ingredients. These are beta-sitosterol to reduce urges to urinate, reishi mushrooms to help support healthy prostate functions and lycopene to help reduce your urinary tract symptoms.

Not only that, but Vitamin D is an essential ingredient for better blood health. If you pee blood, it could be due to lack of Vitamin D.

In short, there are probably manifold ways you could go about this, but one way I’d recommend, and this is of course in addition to checking with your doctor, is to take a prostate supplement. Most prostate supplements contain the three mentioned above ingredients as well as Vitamin D.

Your prostate health is important – don’t let frequent and painful restroom visits ruin your sex life.

Are you urinating blood? Then read this!

This might sound gross, but did you know that you have lots of bacteria in your gut? It’s a direct question and I understand if you prefer not to answer it. But the fact is, this could be the sign of something dangerous.

Did you also know that you actually need bacteria in order to help you with your digestion? Otherwise you may find yourself getting constipation and bloody stools. Bacteria is something that most people associate with disease and illness. And rightfully so. But, as it turns out, the lack of bacteria can also cause serious disease and illness.

And that is because some of these bacteria actually help your body produce Vitamin B12 and Vitamin K. 

If you bruise easily, you ooze from gums or your nose and you pass blood through either urine and/or stools, this may be a sign that you are vitamin K deficient. 

Vitamin K is important to your body because it helps blood to clot, it heals wounds and there’s even some research that suggests that vitamin K is associated with better bone health. 

That could be because you didn’t get those proper bacteria cultures in you when you were a kid. 

In fact, many newborn babies get a vitamin K shot, as long as their parents allow them to. But some mamas and papas may be a bit skeptic to the needle…

Could also be that your nutrition intake has been a bit off. Perhaps you’ve been eating foods that don’t give your body the proper nutrition it needs to produce vitamin K. If you snack a lot and drink lots of soft drinks, you may experience an increased risk of getting Vitamin K deficiency.

In order to combat this, you should take a supplement. There are many vitamin K boosting supplements out there, many of them with probiotic strains and other microbiomes that your body needs.

Make sure you double check with your doctor before you commit to taking a supplement though. And be patient. Change doesn’t happen overnight.

But it’s better to get started now than never.

After all it’s your life and your choice.

10 things that could cause your bones to crack

Let’s talk about a serious issue…

A lot of older people struggle during wintertime. Not necessarily because it’s cold or dark. But because it’s so slippery outside. 

And when it’s slippery and there’s a lot of ice, they fall. I’m sure you’ve seen what I’ve talking about. Perhaps you’ve experienced it yourself or any of your friends have. All you want to do is to walk outside for a bit. Just to get a breath of fresh air. Or perhaps to pick up the mail.

If you’re a senior citizen you know the dangers of falling. You may have osteoporosis or have begun developing it. Which means that your bones can easily crack. 

You know when you were younger, things like that really didn’t matter. You could fall and damage yourself, but nothing serious happened. If you broke something sure it would hurt and you’d need some time off and let the wound heal.

But your life wouldn’t become seriously affected by it.

Not so much today.

Imagine if you got a hip fracture. Today. And you didn’t know anyone that could do the grocery shopping for you, clean your house or wash the dirty laundry.

You literally become crippled right away. And disabled, in more than one way.

At best you’d be confined to using a crutch or a cane. Or perhaps a wheelchair. Well, at least you could move around. Although not as much. But what about if you’d get stuck in a hospital bed for long? And you’d have to undergo hip surgery. Perhaps they’d have to physically insert titanium plates and screw them into the rest of your bones? Who knows?

In fact, if your osteoporosis is really bad, it’s enough that you cough or even bend over sometimes…

That’s all it takes for your bones to break!

Imagine having to watch your sneeze or cough. Not to prevent spreading viral diseases, although that’s important. But, first and foremost, to prevent yourself from damaging yourself!

One of the reasons why many seniors struggle with frail bones is a lack of calcium. Calcium promotes bone strength. However, despite eating and drinking right, you still may be at risk of not getting enough calcium in your body. 

What I mean by that is that your body doesn’t absorb calcium properly. 

And when that happens, you may not get the bone strength that you require. 

Fortunately there are solutions. 

Many of these supplement contain 10 nutrients. They are;

Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc, Manganese, Potassium, Vitamin K2, Boron and Silicion. All of these 10 nutrients one way or the other support bone strength. Now, before you jump through the roof, it’s worth mentioning that you’re not automatically going to become super strong just by taking such a supplement.

You should also eat and diet right. As well as work out.

But, no harm has ever come from taking a supplement. Especially if you truly are a senior citizen and you don’t have strong enough bones to train.

Whatever works best for you, do it.

Just make sure that you get enough calcium.

50 Billion Reasons To Take Certain Supplements

One of the most annoying things is a bloated, gassy stomach.

I’m sure you know what I mean. In fact, I’m fairly certain that you’ve experienced it yourself multiple times. You’ve just finished eating a good meal. Perhaps there were too many calories. Or you stuffed yourself full of processed carbohydrates that you know your body usually cannot handle well.

And perhaps you’ve been drinking some soft drinks as well…

That’s exactly what your stomach and digestive system need in order to cause you trouble. At least if you’re a somewhat healthy person. Especially if you usually eat low carb or even keto. Using ketones to burn fat is a great way to become ripped. But one of the prices you have to pay is minding yourself when it comes to eating carbohydrates.

And for the record, I’m not talking about slow digestion. If you don’t pass any stools one day that doesn’t necessarily indicate that anything’s wrong. Anyone can have these slow digestion periods. Herein, I mean the physical outer changes that occur.

I mean that you get so bloated that it seems you’re fatter than you really are and you overall do not feel well.

And, the gas production side of things.

You have so much gas inside your stomach that needs to be released through your butt.

In other words you have to fart really bad.

If you’re by yourself it’s just an annoyance. It means you have to use the restroom frequently or make sure that nobody’s around when you’re releasing the pressure. It’s a normal thing to do though. That doesn’t make it feel any more comfortable.

But what about if you’re out travelling? Stuck on an airplane or in a train? 

You can probably imagine it yourself. You try your best to hold it in, but sooner or later it just has to get out somehow. And there are passengers around you. You’re literally in the middle of your travelling path and your fellow passengers are asleep.

So you either have to wake them up by gently pushing them. Or, you’ll have to let it go and take the risk that nobody either notices or cares.

It ain’t easy.

Fortunately there are solutions.

Some of them, I forget which brand (and obviously I won’t advertise for any brand that I haven’t used myself), contains over 50 BILLION (yeah that’s right) bacteria cultures that help you support your digestion.

Meaning that if gas production continues to be a problem and you have to eat whatever kind of bad foods that cause such production, this might be a solution. Now you may be thinking that you can just change your diet. But reality doesn’t always work like that. Imagine you take clients out for lunch and there is no low-carb meal on the menu. Or you’re visiting a friend and they serve you stuff you really shouldn’t eat.

It’s all about being socially polite and rather use what you can get your hands on to curb the consequences.

It’s almost like cheating in a way.

If you are into supplements you know where to get them. They’re literally omnipresent. Just go to Amazon or some such place and there’s a sea of them there.

So, what are you waiting for?