Eat Your Humble Pile

If there is anything at all I wish I could change about my life it is…

…y’know what, I’m not really sure. I could have gone on and on about all the pile of mistakes I’ve made over the years. All the times I’ve come up short in life. My Humble Pile as I like to call it. It is vastly stacked with so many errors, mistakes, cowering actions and self-defeating thoughts, I had no idea anyone at all could think like that. Because there are so many times I’ve made the mistake of stopped doing something just because I instantly didn’t get what I wanted. Or someone told me something and I chose to listen to them instead of doing things my way. Y’know, the usual reasons why people come up short in life. 

Then I look at all the wins I have. 

Y’see, there is another pile which contains all my wins. 

Guess what separates the Winning Pile from the Humble Pile? 

My own persistence. 

Yeah, that’s right. I understood that in spite of my feelings, no matter what I was thinking, time would pass regardless. I couldn’t do anything about it. Except keeping on working hard and stop lifting my head up high. 

That’s what separates winners from losers in my mind. 

Yeah, sure, there’s something called taking risk. 

I get that. And I do agree you need to take risks in life. Sometimes you *will* lose and you’ll end up paying for your loss. Perhaps financially, perhaps time wise. But during that loss and that down period, you learned a lot about yourself and life. What you should have done different. What you shouldn’t have done different. Why things ended up the way they ended. And that ultimately, even though perhaps you didn’t contribute to the outcome of whatever situation, you are *still* responsible for it, because you didn’t capitalize properly on the opportunity. 

Could be that hot girl who walked by who you didn’t open up. 

Could be that opportunity to network with a Millionaire. 

Could be that conference or gathering which felt painfully money wise to attend. 

Could be that sparring session you missed out on. 

No matter what it is, TIME passes. 

And that is the gist of this email. 

Yeah you win and you lose and time will pass no matter what. 

So why not do your best to stack up as many wins as possible? 

Why not work on making that Winner Pile bigger than the Humble Pile? 

Yeah it’s hard, but it is doable. 

And should you find you don’t have TIME enough because you do not practice proper Time and Energy Protection [TEP], you could always have a read in my FREE ebook. 

The book contains 28 pages of information on how to best use your TIME to lift up your ENERGY to new levels which ordinary people cannot comprehend. 

I’d say it’s a pretty good deal if you’re looking for ways to increase your overall mood and make the most out of your time. 

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Instant Morning Energy Hack!

I always train when I wake up. 

Pretty much first thing in the morning. Yeah, I might go to the bathroom and take care of all the mandatory stuff there. Also I probably will have to confess to checking my phone a couple of times first. But by and large I pretty much train in the morning as my main activity. 

Why do I do that? Well, because it feels so good to be done with it. 

And also, I create Energy from naught!

Y’know when you wake up in the morning and you’ve slept badly during the night? You’re half awake, wandering around discombobulated like a Zombie who’s stirred awake from the Dead and now you’re supposed to begin your day? 

Well, instead of doing what most regular people do, why don’t you rather make it a little bit *more* uncomfortable in the moment, with at very least the notion of creating Energy out of naught? 

See, this is what so many people do not understand. 

Yes, there might be a law of physics or whatever which says that you cannot create Energy out of nothing. That Energy can only be converted into other forms and shapes. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. *I* personally believe you create Energy out of nothing. And that is by getting your wheels in motion. Like in actually starting to train and let loose that body. After pushing yourself past your comfort zone and past what you thought was your limit, look up in the sky and smile and have fun. 

You just created Energy out of nothing and you did so not even needing coffee. 

Pure magic! 

More people should do what I say. 

And so should you! 

This is *one* instant Energy Hack that I really love sharing with you.

Try it out and see how it works for you. 

Y’gotta try more than once, though. Commit to a whole month of doing this. 

Yes it’s hard when you start doing it in the morning, but *very* easy once you get going. Trust me on that. 

Anyway, if you’d love to learn to learn more about Time and Energy Protection [TEP], you could always take a deep dive in my FREE ebook which shows a total of 21 Ways to increase your Energy Levels. 

Yes, some of them you probably have heard about before, and some of them you [gasp!] might *already* be doing, unknowingly though. So if anything, this book should serve as a reminder that you should keep on doing these things. 

Oh but wait, there’s more…much, much more! 

Y’know I can’t really tell ya what it’s all about…you’ll have to go check it out yourself. 

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The wisest usage of your time

Simply put…

…every single second of my life I spend improving myself. 

I recorded a video about this yesterday, but there were certain things I really didn’t feel I got into properly. Such as the mere fact that time will pass regardless of your feelings and emotions. Yes, we all have those feelings whether we like it or not. One day we might be sad, the other day we might be happy and so on. But time doesn’t care. Really. Time just passes and it is up to you to make the best use of it. 

This is really the major key to success if you think about it. 

Why are all the successful and rich people in the world busy and are almost routinely ‘running late’ for something? 

It is because they value their time so much. 

Why are there so many businesses which rely on service, home delivery and outsourcing of stuff? Well once again, it is because they know that people will want to save time? 

Ask yourself this following question: 

What do you really treasure the most? 

Your money or your time? 

Yes, I know that if you’re flat broke you probably would have gone with the money. But if you are so broke you literally are dying for cash you shouldn’t be reading this email list anyway. Get a job and make enough money so you can pay your bills and stack up some savings. This is also literally you investing in your time properly. If you haven’t gotten the basics covered, then what is the point of even diving deeper? After all, you need to crawl before you can walk and certainly before you can run. 

Anyway, I think you’re beginning to understand what I mean here. 

If you are so lucky you understand that time is definite and that you only have a small fraction of it available at your disposal, why aren’t you starting already *today* working on yourself? 

Nothing is going to happen if you watch Netflix and eat chocolate cake [although there is a time for that as well]. 

Investing in yourself is the wisest usage of your Time and is really a great example of Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. 

To learn more about TEP or to find out how you can apply TEP in your every day life, you can deep dive into my FREE ebook which contains 28 pages of how to lift up others and yourself using ENERGY.

Yes, Energy. 

You see, when you are investing in yourself, you are generating Energy. And when you are investing into other people, you are generating Energy as well. 

This Energy can be used to do more work faster, to create and produce, so that you can save more time which begets more Energy. 

It’s a positive upward momentum.

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My take on the mentor – mentee role

If there is one thing I dislike, it is people who eat off my valuable time. 

Especially if all they do is challenge me on nonsensical things. You know the sort of people who question and second guess your every action or statement. Like in they know so much better. And then when push comes to shove, they do not really know better at all. In fact, they don’t have the accolades or the proof of them doing whatever they’re recommending that you do. 

I’m sure you have lots of people like that in your lives. 

And yes, if you haven’t figured it out yet, they’re Energy Vampires [EVs], through and through. 

Now, I’d like you to pause for a second and think. 

Because you might be surrounded by an entirely different sort of Man [I write mostly about Men, as I’m a man myself and my audience is pretty much a male audience], who actually *has* accomplished a lot of the things he’s talking about. 

And he’s criticizing or challenging you. 

That is you being taken to school by someone who actually don’t need your Time or Energy, but is giving you his. Because he sees potential in you. Maybe because he even has developed some sort of affinity for you and wants to see you blossom. 

But like with everything, it is tough love. 

You won’t hear nice words or encouragements in that sort of way. Not the sort your mother gave you. 

The ‘encouragement’ and ‘the wise words’ is all of the critical feedback you get when he’s tearing down and destroying what you have created so far, only for you to having to go back to the drawing board and do it over again. Many times. This is where growth comes. And this is *really* his way of helping you out. If you have such a relationship with someone, consider yourself lucky. 

Yes, I am talking about how *I* am experiencing the whole mentor — mentee role. Of course I am a mentee of someone myself. And it ain’t necessarily fun or ‘cool’ to be on the receiving end, constantly. 

Now we’re getting to the jist of all ‘dis

The point is, if you have such a relationship with someone, *treasure it dearly and keep working hard*. Do *not* turn into an arrogant boy who refuses to listen. 

They actually *want* you to succeed. 

If you take the arrogant route and fill yourself with pride, guess what’s going to happen? 

You’re becoming the EV yourself. 

And you surely don’t want that to happen, right? 

Take a look around and identify who’s a potential mentor in your life. And then start building that relationship…

’Yes, but how?’ do you might want to ask. 

Well, I can’t reveal everything right here and right now. 

What I *can* reveal is how *I* worked on acquiring various mentors myself. What I’ve learned and so on. Of course I can’t guarantee that’ll work for you, but hey, everybody’s going to have to start somewhere, right? 

If you’d like to know more about this, you could always deep dive in my FREE ebook which I hand out to whoever is interested, where I go through some — not all — but some of the things I did to acquire some valuable mentors in life. 

Smiling and being nice to people and lifting up their Energy Levels really helps. So I’d absolutely recommend you start there. 

Guess I revealed a little too much now, right? 

Well, not really. 

But if you’d like to know more and read through 28 pages of Golden Gems, please do the following: 

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  2. Follow instructions. 
  3. See you on the other side. 

5 Energy Vampire Traits

If there is anything I dislike or almost hate it is when people do not deliver on their promises. 

Here’s also an admission. Yes I am guilty as charged; I actively look for ways to discredit people and lay traps so that I have leverage to use against them later. Could be anything, big or small. Anything from me revealing a secret to them in confidence which really doesn’t hurt me that much if it comes out, but that I prefer to be undisclosed, to lending them some money, to giving them something and see how they respond to it later down the line and so on. 

Note that I am *not* talking about giving extra money to people as in close friends and so on. If I have a close friend, a trusted brother, who is in desperate need for money and his life is literally at play, I will *give* him the money without asking for anything in return. 

But that’s not what I’m talking about. 

I’m talking about how Energy Vampires really operate. 

Yes, I could go on and on about how annoying they are behavior wise. And perhaps I should do so down the line. But for now, I prefer to go a little deeper and look at some of the ‘other’ traits that EV’s display quite a lot of times; 

i) They do not deliver on their promises

ii) They take way more than they give [they hardly ever give]

iii) They cannot keep a secret for all the money in the world

iv) They *will* betray and backstab you sooner or later

v) They refuse to assume responsibility and blame everyone else for their shortcomings

I’d love to expand a little bit on point v). Yes, they’re all important, but point v) is especially important because it is sobering and humbling, yet very important. 

If you have screwed up in the past and you disregarded your errors, life will come back to bite you in the arse. 

I’ll give you an example. 

Not too long ago, someone I know started venting and moaning about how his wife was a massive problem in his life. Supposedly she was furious with everything he did, threatened to divorce him and assume full custody of the kids. In other words, making his life *even more* miserable. A lot of advice was given within our common circle. In fact, I dare say more than he could ask for. 

And what did he do [or say that he was going to do]? 

You guessed it…


More, if you pause and think about it, where is the responsibility part coming in? 

Look at the guy’s past. 

Perhaps he wasn’t responsible for all the bickering in their marriage. But *he* picked that woman, married her, and had kids. In other words, he did a poor job in advance of their argument. 

Not only that, but could it be that over the years, he didn’t exactly prioritize their marriage and kids over his job and other stuff?

I don’t know, I’m just speculating here. 

All I’m saying is, *he* is the one to blame for their bad marriage. Not his wife. And certainly not his kids. 

Anyway, I think you know where I am headed with this.

An EV is someone who has a problem for which they are responsible themselves, come to you with it and then finds all the reasons in the world to blame anyone else but themselves for their shortcomings and problems in life. And, they overload you with information and make sure you are the one on the receiving end of all their rants. That’s what they really want. They do not want to sack up and do the work. They prefer to moan and vent and make *your life* miserable as well. 

Think about that the next time someone has a problem and comes to you with it. 

Especially if it’s financially related. 

On that note…

…you’d perhaps be interested in learning more about EV’s and EE’s [Energy Enablers] and how they work in your everyday life? I’ll tell you, a lot of *my* problems vanished nearly overnight as soon as I scrubbed the bacteria and vermin from my personal life. 

Yeah that’s harsh or is it really?

After all, an organism need to be clean and healthy in order to survive. 

And you are no exception. 

Simply put, if you struggle with a lot of EV’s sucking up your time in your every day life, my FREE ebook will teach you a lot of tips and tricks on how to deal with them. 

All y’gotta do is click the following link and follow instructions;

Spit and piss blood at your own demise

Right before writing this email I did one of my morning training routines. 

It’s pretty harsh and rough. I do burpees with kettlebells. 125 or 150 reps, depending on which day of the week or program it is. Needless to say, as much as I do not want to train when I wake up, that’s still my preferred exercising time. When I’m up, I’m training and then I’m ‘done’ for the day as far as *one* of my necessities go [if you remember back to yesterday’s email I have several necessities or mandatories which I need to do. Training is just but one of them]. 

Usually the training goes pretty smooth. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still extremely tough, but I get by. You see, I do not believe in the philosophy of pushing myself to the limit for every single training session. I do not believe in the whole ‘vomit and piss blood’ scheme or whatever the newest training porn statement or badge of honor is. 

If anything it is stupid. 


If I train 70% maximum capacity 6–7 days per week, I get more repetitions in than one who trains at 90% [I don’t think anyone really gets to 100% ever, and I don’t even think I’ve been there myself. Perhaps one time or so] 3–5 days a week. Over time that compounds. And do not mean to tell me you can train at 90% every time you train. That’s just not realistic and not how your body works. But if you routinely train at 70% capacity quite frequently, you have a higher chance of pushing past your own self-imposed limits far more often. 


And now, let’s extrapolate and use this in real life as far as Time and Energy is preserved. 

Especially Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. 

You see, if I train like this I build up my Energy storages. I am able to generate Energy from within. Just by already being in good shape. This is what the diehard training nut gym rats do not understand. 

By always pushing themselves pas their limits, they have no other life than training, sleeping and eating. And, I’ve been there. It’s quite a miserable life, really. 

You do not feel like you have time or energy to do anything else. 

Because you spend so much energy working on what is supposed to give you near unlimited energy [the irony writes itself on the wall]. 

Do not fall victim to this whole ‘bro liftin’ raw steak’ trend or whatever it’s called. Train at 70% or so capacity. That doesn’t mean you’re lazy, it means you are smart. Especially with your Time and Energy. 

After all, why is it called at 100 YARD dash? 

Do you think these guys could run with such explosive power and speed for tens of miles? Unless they’re on roids, they do not stand a chance. 

Look at the Marathon sprinters. They’re able to run for long distances at a lower capacity. Now, I personally think they look quite scrawny, and I’d prefer the bodily composition of a Usain Bolt or someone such. But I can still get that physique AND work out at 70% percent every single time I do so. 

Over Time I shall win. 

Over Time I shall garnish and gather more Energy than the diehard gym rat brolifters. 

Anyway, I think you get the message. 

In whatever you do, train and work at 70% every day so that you’re able to do so for virtually the rest of your life. Life *is* a Marathon, not a sprint. 

This is how *I* teach you Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. 

Speaking of me and teaching TEP, if you’d like to learn more about how to save Time and Energy, you’d perhaps appreciate the book I’ve released on the matter. 

It’s quite valuable and filled with so many tips and tricks that I’ve learned over the years. It clocks in at a fat 28 pages of golden wisdom. 

Yeah I know it sounds cringe, but hey, I actually believe in what I do. 

Therefore I have no problems using a cliché here and there. 


Click the following link and follow instructions accordingly;

What Ben Settle and Floyd Mayweather taught me

One thing I like to do is getting the mandatories out of the way. 

What do I mean by my ‘mandatories’? 

Well, it’s simple. 

I like to get up early in the morning. Like at 4:00 AM and just start working, training and doing whatever I have to do. Doesn’t matter whether I went to bed early or late. I’m getting up at that hour pretty much every single day. Aside from getting the time to do whatever I want and need doing, so that I am equipped to serve others before I serve myself [credit to Ben Settle for that philosophy and way of thinking]. There is peace in knowing that. 

But there is also peace in knowing something else. 

And that is where I’ll credit the great Floyd Mayweather. 

There was a saying when he was an active boxer, before he retired. I don’t know, maybe this saying is still around. 

But anyway, Floyd would oftentimes party a lot and go to the club [I don’t think he consumed alcohol actually], and then often *run back to the gym* and start training in the middle of the night. Some of his crew, when the cameras were around to document his training would say something like ‘When you are sleeping the Champ is training’. Now, I do assume Floyd actually went back home and slept in the early hours of morning when others were awake. But that’s beside the point. The point is of course his relentless work ethic and also how he was training whilst his competition was sleeping. And I’ve heard that he would actually call people in the middle of the night and tell’em it was time to go training, for the third or even fourth time that day! So, and absolute savage!

But it goes back to what I was saying about working and training when others are asleep. And how I first and foremost dedicate this time *to myself* before going out and dedicating it to others. 

In such ways, Ben Settle and Floyd Mayweather have influenced me largely and this is pretty much me paying homage to them in the best way I can. 

Because, by doing this, I slowly take over the world and I spend my Time wisely. It’s the same with my Energy. This is just one way of doing proper TEP [Time and Energy Protection]. 

No matter how large and ugly a blue-haired whale I meet. 

No matter how annoying a person is who I encounter. 

No matter how much resistance I get whenever I walk outside.

It doesn’t matter. Because I have completed all of my mandatories for the day. 

If you want to learn more about TEP and how to navigate this increasingly insane world we live in, I have good news for you. 

You see, I’ve written a book on the topic. 

Both when it comes to saving Time and Energy. A lot of times, people who are into these sorts of things think it’s all a matter of cleaning up your space. Literally. As in selling everything you don’t need, de-clutter and all of those things. Which is fine and may work for a limited time. 

But there are other distractions out there. Like in people and in feelings. And it is those distractions that I want you to get out of your way. 

What goes on outside your head you may be able to work on easily. 

But what about all the internal things? 

Such as the things people say. The emotions people manage to influence you with. So on and so forth. 

Everything that happens outside but which *you* perceive in your own unique, different way. 

What can you do to combat those feelings? 

And still go ahead and execute? 

That is the *real* way of doing TEP.

Anyway, I won’t take up much more of your time, other than telling you where to find the book. 

It is FREE and it’s yours by opting into my email list. 

Click the following link and follow instructions;

Non-negotiable tests for peace of mind

One of the worst things I know is to waste my time. 

I cannot count the number of times it has happened to me. Whether that is going to see someone who was a big letdown [potential business partner, going on a date, etc], this sort of wasteful behavior can drive one crazy. 

This is why I started to be super strict with my time and who I would allow into my life. 

I did so for the most part using various tests. 

Most people simply didn’t meet my criteria. 

And as a result my life got a lot more fulfilling and rewarding. I’m not going to say I managed to eliminate all the distractions around me, but I’d certainly say that as a result of me imposing these strict and non-negotiable tests, my life has become so much better for it. Now, I’m happy to reveal those tests to people who choose to consult me for other services. 

I’ll give a few hints here, though. 

It all starts with their behavior. 

I’ve said this before and I do not mind saying it again; 

If they can’t keep a small secret, you know they can’t be trusted, so why even bother at all? I certainly wouldn’t. If they have the need to tell everyone and their mother about something you meant to be private, then you know what sort of person they are. 

That’s right, the time consuming leeches. 

Anyway, if you’d like to learn more about how to evade the Energy Vampires [EV’s], and Time Thieves [TT’s], as well as getting a much better life overall when it comes to Time and Energy, go read my FREE ebook. 

All y’gotta do is click this link and follow instructions;

IG guru with annoying questions

One of the worst things I know are fake, loaded questions. 

I get them all the time in social media inboxes, no matter whether it’s Twatter, Insta, and so on. And, it’s always the same. Some social media guru who’s giving a fake compliment about how they love my photos, my posts and so on. And how they definitely recommend I should post more, only I should do it ‘their way’ because it’s soooo much better than what everyone else is doing. 

Usually I politely reject their ideas. 

They then follow up with some sort of passive-aggressive comment like; ‘Oh, I guess you’re not looking to make more money on social media after all’, which is kind of true. 

I prefer to make my money via email and ideally via word of mouth. Like in old skool referral marketing. 

That is, people know about me only via others and they would then have to come to me. I’d either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to doing business with them. As such I have the upper hand and I do not ‘need’ to go out there and make all sorts of wild promises on social media. Kind of reminds me of this chick I was reading about the other day. She’d been making a lot of money from Instagram about her life as a broke student. Not sure how ‘broke’ she really was, considering she actually got paid to promote herself on social media. Not in my interest to find out, though. What surely *is* in my interest is to know that she got kicked out of Insta the other day for whatever reason. Can’t exactly remember, but it had something to do with violating their guidelines. And with that, she lost most of her earnings. I guess that makes her a *really* poor student [half joking]. 

Anyway, you see where I am going with this, right? 

Quite likely, it is *one* dude or dudette on Insta who’s responsible for that chick being kicked out. 

One person can stop you from marketing yourself on an entire platform. 

If it were me and I was doing my marketing via word of mouth only, how in the world can *one* person stop everyone else from talking about me, if I’m widely sought after? 

It’s like a virus. It spreads fast, and one case who’s resistant doesn’t wipe out the whole virus. In fact, nothing really does. The virus dies when everyone has been influenced by it and developed antibodies. Just like with a certain pandemic you may or may not have heard about lately. 

Alright, I think I’ll end it right there. 

In other words, save your Time and Energy by not taking common social media too seriously. You’ll only end up digging a hole in the ground for yourself. 

Instead, learn how *you* can best take advantage of all the time around you, in your life. 

If you’re interested in learning more, I suggest you start reading a little bit about how to properly save Time and Energy [TEP]. In other words, what can *you do* to make best use of your life? 

What can you do to make other people like you? 

What can you do to make other people influence you? 

What can you do to even make time work for you? To leave behind the Energy Vampires who deplete you for your Energy? To kill all the Time Thieves who have an uncanny ability of speeding up time when you least need it?

I’m not saying I have *all* the answers, but I do have some suggestions. 

Grab a FREE copy of my ebook and consume all the 28 pages to learn more. 

Just click the following link and follow instructions;

Joe Rogan’s Zombie Apocalypse habit

One thing I have always done is treating most days like it’s the last one on this planet. 

As from some sort of Zombie Apocalypse film or some such. If I had one day left on this planet to do everything I wanted or needed to do, how and what would I have done? Why? How fast could I have done it? How many things could I have crossed off from my bucket list? Could I manage to achieve 100 things? 1000? Perhaps more? The less breaks I allow myself, the more efficient I become. 

I was actually reminded about this from Joe Rogan. I read somewhere he said something about how you should live your life and do your things like you would if a camera crew was following you in every wake second of your life and making a documentary about you. 

How would you behave?

Would you fall into your bad habits? 

Would you pretend to better? 

Or would you actually implement changes in your life for the better? 

I think I’d go with the last one right there. Implementing changes in my life that would overall improve it. So much so it automatically became a new habit of mine. Who knows, perhaps I’d actually learn something in the process? 

Now, if you think about it, this was meant as a means of self-improvement. 

Like in getting more disciplined. Training, eating correctly, working hard on your business, talking to more people [girls, potential prospects, etc]. 

Well, why can’t you use that same way of thinking when it comes to guarding and protecting your time? 

As in getting twice as many things done in half the time by focusing on how fast you can do things? If literally this was the last day of your life? I know, if you wake up and you know that you have total freedom for 24 hours or less and that you’re about to die or something else at the conclusion of the 24th hour, you’d probably perhaps spend your time crying or some such…and then time would have passed regardless. 

See, that’s the beauty and the ugly thing about time. 

Time doesn’t care about your feelings. No matter whether you’re happy, sad, afraid, anxious, worried, whatever. 

Time just is. 

And has a somewhat nasty habit of picking up the pace and passing faster than you’d thought. 

Now, I’m starting to get ahead of myself and spill all my beans. 


If you found this piece valuable, and you’d like to learn more about Time and Energy Protection [TEP], then I am happy to tell you I wrote a whole book on the matter. 

The book clocks in at 28 pages of golden gems with most, if not all of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my life to avoid the typical Energy Vampires and Time Thieves which eat up a lot of your life. 

And I’ll be honest for a second; 

It ain’t necessarily what you think it is. 

Look, ‘de-clutter your workspace’ and ‘selling everything you’re not using’ is fine and dandy and probably gives you peace of mind. But those are but the minor distractions you must take care of. 

The real ones…well, I won’t spoil the fun. 

Have a read for yourself. 

Click the following link and follow instructions to know more;