The sore loser non-business owners

I remember the initial disappointment as the girl didn’t respond to my message. 

I thought I was being funny. Witty. Charming. Original. And all the other things that girls supposedly are looking for in a man. But it turned out it was for no good, because I didn’t receive any response. All I was staring at was ‘seen’, as in to indicate that she’d seen my message but didn’t respond. 

In that exact moment is where I personally diverge from a lot of other young single guys who don’t understand ‘the game’. 

In short, I don’t care much. 

I just move on to the next. Why bother dealing with people who don’t want you in the first place? Even though you’re physically attracted to them?

This is where a lot of young guys today turn into obsessed stalker losers. Instead of moving on like a reasonable human being would, they start stalking the girls on other apps and social media, turning into creeps. 

And while indeed maybe it could have worked to try their luck again at a later time or just politely withdraw and accidentally bump into each other later, going all in on someone who just rejected you normally isn’t a good idea. 

Young guys turn into creepy and eerie weirdos. 

Aspiring business owners turn into sore losers who aren’t getting things their way. 

It’s all the same, only in a different cloth. 

And it highlights one very important tenant: 

Place yourself in a position so that they chase you, not you them. Whether it’s becoming the man that the girls really want or the business owner that other people want to do business with. 

Positioning is very important. 

And I talk about that a lot in my preparation and planning calls. 

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About speaking up


Normally I don’t mind people who speak up. Let the everyone know what their intentions are. And act accordingly. Nothing more appealing than a man who despite protests actually goes ahead and does what he said he would. 


There’s a different type of man these days. 

One who talks a lot, but doesn’t do anything. 

One who despite being wrong about everything and clearly doesn’t understand how the world really works, keeps on talking about all the stupid things he beleives is the truth. It’s like the proverbial tale of the little girl that tells all the adult men to ‘stop killing the cute moose’ and ‘why can’t we all just be friends?’ 

That used to be cute if it was a little, innocent girl who seriously didn’t know better. 

But now we have adult men preaching the same nonsense. 

Indeed it is worrisome. 

And it’s something you should stay away from. Avoid at all costs. 

As long as you don’t invest any more time into these kind of people, your life will be one worth living. 

Spending time around the right company is a vital part of becoming successful. 

And it is something I talk about a lot in my consults. 

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A loser in life

One of the most ridiculous articles I ever read was about some politician. 

Supposedly he’d won a seat in the parliament after the elections were over. Usually, people like him would’ve been joyous and would have celebrated a lot. But in his case, that didn’t happen. In fact, the guy said he would resign from politics and denounce his parliamentary seat. I didn’t even know that was possible. 

Anyway, the reason why he resigned? 

He was being mocked, spat on, got hateful comments thrown in his face, both online and offline. 

In other words, he was dealing with people. And people aren’t nice. Especially if you’re a politician. They’re gonna come right for you. 

Now, all this makes me wonder. 

Is the fella cut for politics at all? Because, let’s say he became the Minister of Foreign Affairs one day. He’d have to travel abroad and have anything but pleasant conversations with counterparts that may have bad intentions. 

You think he’d survive such meetings if he couldn’t handle some losers making fun of his age and looks?

For what it’s worth, he looked completely normal. Not overweight, not particularly ugly.

So it’s all inside his head. 

Defeated by his own emotions. 

And that sums up how most people are nowadays. 

Afraid of doing anything that’s uncomfortable where they must push themselves. Endure scornful comments. Do the grunt work that nobody else wants to do. 

But if you want to level up in life and become successful, that’s part of it. 

I talk about it in my consults a lot. 

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Motivation is for the weak

Imagine sitting in some meeting, waiting for some ‘life guru’ to tell you to ‘stay positive’ and ‘be motivated’ all the time. 

You know it’s a damn lie and he’s standing there just saying some words that have no substance to them. 

Hardly any truth either. 

Progressing forward and making improvements in life is done through HARD WORK and it’s something I teach in my consults. 

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Keep up locked down for longer, please!

Ah yes. 

Another dawn, another day. 

As I’m gazing out the window, noticing the raindrops that are falling, I am being reminded that in spite of living where I don’t want to live and the way I want to live, I am after all very lucky. 

Yeah, it’s going to be one of those emails where I natter on about gratitude and all of that stuff. 

But this is important. 


Simply because there is too much negativity in our world today. Especially amongst younger kids who grew up watching YouTube and Disney and don’t know that there was a life before the Internet. Isn’t that crazy? The future generations are those who grow up being only a tap away on a touch screen from instant entertainment, but also education, information, knowledge and interaction with people around the world. 

In short, these people have whatever they want. 

And that has worked against them. Because they are beginning to compare themselves to other successful people on social media and in any of the tv shows that they are watching. 

Then they become depressed. 

And too scared to simply accept life’s little joys; the first ice cream on a sunny day in May, seeing the first snowflakes fall in December or patting their family dog. 

All those tiny things that really make you happy. 

And, during this viral situation, now that lockdowns and social distancing may or may not end pretty soon, some of these people are actually SKEPTICAL about ‘reopenning’ our society. 

Yeah, you heard me right. 

Some of them actually prefer to mask up, socially distance and stay away because of…

…I don’t know exactly. Their own fear. 

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There is no way to sugarcoat this. 

Life is full of setbacks, disappointments and letdowns. It’s a natural part of growth. You’re trying out something and it doesn’t work. You go back to the drawing board. Trying out something new. Then that doesn’t work either. But you refuse to give up. You relentlessly pursue your goal. Even if it’s going to take you several years before you reach it. 


Just think about it. 

Yeah, you’re sacrificing a lot. There are plenty of other things you prefer doing. Such as going out drinking and having a great time at the bar or in the club. Get girls. Drive fast cars. Go shooting. Maybe hunting as well. All the fun things. 

It’s normal to feel like you’re missing out on life. FOMO or Fear Of Missing Out. As is HOMO. Horror Of Missing Out. 

A lot of pun intended. 

But this is what builds character. 

Over time you’ll see that you really have no other choice. 

It’s either doing the grunt work that makes you successful or it’s admitting to defeat. 

Just like the ordinary bunch of people. 

If you prefer the former, I teach you how to plan properly in my consults. 

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On loyalty…

…in short, there isn’t much to say. 

Other than that, prioritizing loyalty should almost be your number one concern. Because, life is a series of events where you need other people to rely on. This is as true as having each other’s backs when you’re kids and an adult is accusing you of stealing candy. 

Or knowing when to advice your trusted business partner that there is nothing to gain from this deal. 

It all comes from a position of love and helpfulness. 

Just think about it. 

What’s the point of having lots of money, buying all the nice things you want and flash your riches and obtain massive influence – but it’s all on a superficial level? 

Yeah sure you have a lot people around you who say ‘Yes’ all the time. The so-called ‘Yes men’. An entourage of disloyal, selfish and greedy cunts who don’t care if you go to prison or your life gets ruined. Actually they do care, enough to distance themselves from you. They’re only in your life because you have a lot of money. 

So many of them give ‘advice’

Yet where were they when you were broke and up and coming?

When you didn’t have anything? 

That’s the sort of people you must be on the look for. 

Those who actually want to hang out with you even though you’re broke and don’t have much money. Because they believe in the same case as you and they’re on the same path as you. 

Finding loyal men who are dedicated to the same cause as you is a big part of life and something you shouldn’t take lightly. 

And it’s something I talk about in my consults.

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Political folly

As I’m writing this, it’s the dawn of a new day. 

Or actually, dawn has already passed. It’s early in the forenoon. However, it’s an important day. Not to me, this day is like any other day. But to a lot of politicians and staff members involved in political affairs, this day marks a change in their career. 

Some for the better. 

Some for the worse. 

What I’m getting at, is that there is the parliamentary elections today. We’re supposed to elect a new Government. Or re-elect the one that’s in office. Judging by all the surveys that have been released lately, it would appear we’re headed for a new government. 

Since I’m a political right-winger, it means “my team” will lose. 

Looks like they didn’t do a well enough job and that the leftists will constitute the upcoming new Government. Which means four years of higher prices, higher taxes, commonalities and outright folly. 

The latest of which is in the hair dresser industry. 

Now all of a sudden, hair dressers cannot distinguish between a lady’s and a gentleman’s haircut anymore. Labelling certain cuts and hairdos after sexes is discrimination and inflammatory. 

Keep in mind, this has been under the right wing governance. 

I suspect it’s going to get even worse during the leftist reign. 

Either way, I really don’t care too much. There aren’t going to be any major changes imposed on us. Taxes and prices will continue to soar while salaries will either remain in place or be reduced. The fiscal year of 2022 has already been decided and quite likely will remain the same.

Reason being, the new Government has the smallest possible majority to even call themselves winners. 

Or that is, they *will* have the smallest, possible majority. 

Gaaaaah, I’m getting tired of discussing politics, really. They’re all stupid people. Some of which will never be successful .

But you will, if you do the right things. 

I teach you how to in my consults. 

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Hot girls

Let’s talk about dating and girls. 

No, I won’t go into details for obvious reasons. But let’s just say I was once dating this girl a little on and off. I really wasn’t too vested into that relationship. I think she was more than I. Either way, I really didn’t enjoy spending time with her. I don’t know why. I just found her boring. Sex was great and all of that. She even cooked food for me. But there was just something more that was lacking. 

I guess I wasn’t properly in love with her. 

Which means my emotions weren’t where they were supposed to be. 

It meant our relationship was mostly her giving me a lot of her energy and me not caring to give it back. 

Yeah, I guess I was the ‘bad guy’. 

Eventually though, we just naturally drifted apart from each other. I didn’t see any reason to pursue it simply because she didn’t give me what I wanted. 

And so it is with people in general. 

Whether it’s a girlfriend you aren’t falling in love with, a friend who’s walking a different path than you or a business colleague that you simply just cannot ‘bond’ with. 

Some people are more like than others.  

And finding those who have the same life view as you is challenging. 

You have to go through a lot of different hoops to get where you want. 

Especially to get to WHOM you want. 

Sometimes it means you have to be disappointed.

Sometimes it means you have to disappoint. 

In general though it means you need to find out what kind of people you want to spend your time with first. 

This is an integral part of becoming a successful man. 

And I talk about that in my consults. 

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Why you shouldn’t listen to Susie…

I once read an article about some chick who admitted to being a bully in school. 

Whilst the bullying part certainly isn’t funny and anything to make fun about, the big irony of this chick admitting to being a bully and destroying someone else’s life is. And that is because this chick, let’s call her Susie, is in the news all the time, waving her finger at something, claiming her moral high ground. 

During the lockdowns, a lot of people defied the national advice against travelling internationally. Instead of keeping her mouth shut, Susie called these people ‘irresponsible’ and said they ‘needed to think of us who actually are afraid of this virus’ (to my knowledge, she isn’t in any risk group). 

And there’s the environmental cause, the climate changes, how people cannot eat meat, how everyone needs to stop being rude when talking to each other (!) and much more. 

I really don’t need to go much more on about how Susie routinely is grossly contradicting herself. 

As it so happens, this article was released the weekend before the big parliamentary elections, which means that anyone’s attention is at the politicians, not at Susie. 

Which they should be. 

Now, am I going to call Susie out? 

Of course not. First off, I have no interest in being involved in any of Susie’s affairs and number two, I wouldn’t have gained anything. 

But Susie’s background proves a point. Which is that reality always comes back to bite you in the arse. No matter how great or flagrant you are, if you have skeletons in the closet, at least let them all out. Don’t hold back. 

And this attitude, being honest about yourself and being mentally aware that you too, have baggage (if you’re a certain age), is highly important if you want to become a successful man. 

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