The Case For Being A Nice Guy

Once again, I am going contrarian.

Especially when it comes to people in the space that I frequent the most. The whole ‘money making online’, ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘biz opp’ niche. A lot of these people have such bloated egos, they really think they cannot associate themselves with anyone else who’s not ‘on their level’ or not someone who follow the same Path. 

Case in point;

I was once talking with someone who’s in ‘my space of The Internet. Y’know, someone who’s actually trying to ‘make it’ by making money online. One of these guys who see past all the nonsense being regurgitated throughout the news media. 

Ie. like most of the people on this list. 

However, he still had an ordinary job.

And he really didn’t want to talk to the other people at his job. I also Believe he had the option of having a home office. Which meant he didn’t have to go there and be around his coworkers and colleagues. 

In his own words [paraphrased];

‘I’m just so tired of hanging out with these orndinary, average people.’ 

Which is totally understandable. 

As long as you consider it your Mission to make them conform to your standards. You shouldn’t do that. You cannot or should not, bother to ‘save’ anyone or ‘tell’em how things really are.’ 

Like Dale Carnegie wrote in one of his books [I think it was ‘How to Win Friends And Influence People’, but not quite sure]; 

‘A Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.’ 

In other words, do not even engage in that regard. 

Instead, smile, be pleasant, be nice and polite to people and when anything Which resembles an obstacle pops up, like lunch hour, going out for drinks or any sort of social gathering that you know will eat of your precious Time and Energy, you say no.

You excuse yourself, politely.

And because you usually are nice to people and let them have their say and listen to their inane gossip and silly jokes…

…you can *EASILY* get away with working on yourself or doing other productive things instead of partaking in the dumbassery your peers engage in.

Best of all: you save yourself TIME AND ENERGY by actually being nice to people because they’re not going to bother ‘checking in’ on what you’re doing or ‘keeping an eye’ on you because you’re sus.

Try it and see how it works for you.

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 A Voice of Wonder?

Something I have thought about lately;


How your voice sounds versus how you actually perform in life. 

Most people with meek, soft voices usually underperform. Not only that but they also have few, if any aspirations in life. They are content. Both with their voices and their non-accomplishments.

Obviously I am telling you to abstain from these people.

And yes, I am aware of execeptions. There are always some exceptions. But a couple of outliers do not hamper the pattern. 

In contrast, enter the accomplishers.

Those who actually want more.

Those who consider it their Mission to level up in life. Those who aren’t satisfied with their planned lotment in life. For a lot of reasons I am Getting into at a later point, these people also use proper language. As in they actually are able to Express themselves in more ways than one. And they sound good while doing it. 

Both their voices and their language command respect. 

And because of that, they actually force themselves to level up. 

Because they know they cannot live without doing. 

Saying is one thing. 

Uttering an opinion is easy.

Implementing it is hard. 

Especially over time.

If you use your voice and language to aid you, you’ll find it makes your whole life simpler. 

Because you *have* to what you said.

Else you sound like a dumb fool. 

And there are plenty of them out there.

Do not be Like them.

Speak clearly and concisely AND take action. 

In so doing, you enforce TEP [Time and Energy Protection].

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Going a little contrarian for a while…

I’m going a little ‘Doom and Gloom’ right now, because there are some things y’all need to understand.

One of the best ways to save Time And Energy that I know about is to cut out the people around you who negatively contribute to your growth. 

As in, removing the time wasters. 

At first, you’re going to have a little fun doing it. Life becomes better. There’s less nagging involved. No more neediness. No more clinging. No more annoyance. But then after a while, if you follow through with this way of living, you’re going to realize that your life actually gets lonely. As in, you do not have anyone around you who properly live according to your own standards. 

That is, if you’re not doing anything about it of course. 

Yeah, you have friends, you have people who you know, trust and like. But are they part of your immediate circle? Or can you become part of theirs? Do you want to become part of theirs? Are you on the same page? Do you have the same goals? Do your lifestyles align? 

I’ve met a lot of people on my journey in life. And, since I’m so lucky that my journey in life started at a fairly young age, I’ve yet to meet a lot of new people. Which I’m looking forward to. But the instant satisfaction, the overwhelming joy, the childish happiness I once acquired for finding someone who just *did not live their life according to the normal standards of society, is pretty much gone. 

As in, if I meet with someone and I learn that they too, do not align with the rest of society, they’ve merely passed the first ‘test.’

Because I have plenty of them. 

And trust me when I say it, they have served me quite well over the years. I keep track of who’s living their life according to my standards and who’s not. And, for some inexplicable reason, the higher I set the bar, the higher the quality of people I attract to my life. 

Now, that doesn’t mean they all have to be like me. 

Of course not. 

That would be silly. Nobody wants another copy of themselves in their own life. 

But, your friends and your immediate circle should at the very least be on the same mission as you. Make similar sacrifices as you. Foregoing the same joys in the moment as you. 

And this is where I’ve learned many a lesson. 

Over and over again. 

It usually goes like this: You meet with someone new, they’re a really good talker, they say they enjoy the same things as you and dislike the same things as you. They say they want to ‘change their lives’ or some such. They also say they’re ‘so tired of everyone else around them, because they’re just in a bubble’ or some such. 

Then what follows is…

…usually nothing. They end up letting you down, as well. Because there is a stark difference  between their words and their actions. Because they’re so used to talk and talk a lot, they haven’t really put in the work. They do not let their actions talk for them. See, I’m more that kind of guy. I know I talk a lot, and I will talk some more. But behind all that talk there are layers upon layers upon layers of hard work. 

A large pile of wins, sure. 

But even more important, and even more larger, nay, gargantuan, is my large pile of mistakes, fails and errors I’ve committed over the years. 

And because I am humble and honest, both before myself and others, I tend to focus more on the bigger pile, rather than the small pile. 

That’s because that’s where most of my lessons lay hidden. 

More, I’ve actually learned something else over the years. Since it gets lonely at the top when you cut out people who constantly disappoint and let you down, you actually need some ‘normie friends’ or whatever you’d like to call them. Just to spend some time away from all the work, and also because you have to realize, people are wired differently. 

Not everyone is built for conquering. 

And that’s fine. 

I just prefer to be around those who want to achieve great success because that’s where I am myself. But if you cannot accept that other people do not necessarily have that dream and that they’re happy being stuck at a $100,000 annual salary with a car loan and a house mortgage going abroad twice a year or so, your life is going to be *really* sad. 

And that’s actually one of the most important takeaways I’ve had over the years as I’m guarding my time and energy well. 

Allow for some normalcy in your life, else everything gets so serious. 

That doesn’t mean you have to conform, accept or adapt to mediocrity. But you surely can taste it a little. 

It just makes your hard work when you’re around other killers so much sweeter and glorious. 

1% improvement every day. 

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I’ll let you in on one of them now:

‘Avoid anyone who wants to label you something because of your views. They are projecting their own insecurities and self-hatred on you and have nothing to offer you except grief. Nothing is 100%. Especially when it comes to human behavior. Avoid the energy thieves.’

Follow this Rule and I guarantee you’ll be a better and overall more fulfilled and happy person.

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Instant Morning Energy Hacks

Let’s get right to it:

i) Get up from bed when the alarm goes, do not sleep in. 

ii) Do 300 or so pushups divided into sets of 20. 

iii) Drink at least 1-1.5 L of water. 

iv) Check your phone and do stuff in between sets. 

v) Drink black coffee after about half an hour or so of waking up. 

Rinse and repeat for several days. 

Now, of course you may vary this routine a little bit. Perhaps you want to do lunges, squats, situps instead. Whatever floats your boat. I personally prefer push ups because I find them so brutally tough, especially in the morning. 

Your body is a little elastic from a good night’s sleep, and all of a sudden you’re throwing it into war!

Instant reminder of who you really are. 

A soldier on the battlefield. 

I could probably have added something about cold showers there as well, but I prefer to make things easy. 

As in, I do not believe so much in cold showers as I do in cold baths or some such. And, I believe more in exercising than exposing my body to extreme temperatures. Again, whatever floats your boat. Do cold showers if you like doing them. 

And that’s one of my *many* morning routines. 

Try it, see if it works and let me know how it goes. 

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See you there.

Why I actively discriminate against fat people…

…(who do nothing about their fatness). 

That second half of the sentence is key, because it shows that the person is willing to change their ways of living, despite having ignored their own health for so many years. I won’t say I know plenty of people who used to be fat and who now are actively losing their weight, but I’ve seen a few. Those tend to the most serious ones and the most driven ones about life in general. 

But let’s get back to the root cause here. 

Why do I discriminate against fat people who do nothing about their own weight and who do not consider their poor health a problem? 

Well, because they won’t or can’t bring something productive to the table. If you’re obese or overweight and you know you’re obese or overweight it shows me that you aren’t taking yourself or your life seriously. 

Just think about this yourself. If you *KNOW* you are out of shape and wander around like a fat toad, how are you going to even live past the age of 50? How are you going to actually create a life for yourself worth living? How do you expect other people to take you seriously if you cannot take your own life seriously? 

It’s obvious like sunlight. 

More, I tend to notice these fat people steal your Time and Energy by making everything in the world to be about them and themselves. They do not care about the opinion of other people. And here’s why: They actually deep down know that they’re not living life to their fullest potential. They have so much more to offer. They can do so much more. So, if you’re smart about yourself, you stay away from these people because they have already proved they do not have the mental fortitude to keep excelling in life. 

Yeah, life is harsh, and here’s something harsher; 

If you are looking for someone to call you out on your nonsense and point out all the Time Thieves and Energy Vampires in your life that you willingly allow within your own personal space…

…then I am happy to announce to you my FREE ebook that teaches you a lot of ways to deal with both.

The tip is to regard yourself as the most valuable person in the worlds and therefore ruthlessly cut out everyone else who do not conform to your standards or who do not accept your ways of living.

Plain and simple.

But, I can’t, or won’t, spoil all the secrets inside the ebook.

Go read it for yourself and let me know how it works for you.

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Why you must disqualify more people from your life

I thought about something. 

And that is the fact that most Energy Vampires who want more of what you have and what you do, hardly ever bring anything of value to the table. They all think that they deserve getting such and such treat because they see other people have. They see you have all the things that you want because you have put in a great deal of work getting it. And now they think they are entitled to the same spoils of war just because they see you having what you want. They think you are ‘showing off’ or ‘being fake’, but the reality is, they’re just bitter. 

After seeing it happen over and over again I just have to say it. 

Most of these people have no achievements. They haven’t even put in the work. And they didn’t even want to put in the work in the first place. Because, when you got up early in the morning and put in the work, they slept in. When you took your chances and invested in a risky business venture or built your business, they played video games. When you walked up to those girls and did your best to charm them, they were too scared to even look at the girls. 

So on and so forth. 

Do you see a pattern here? I see it all the time. And, this is the reason why I’m getting ruthlessly stricter with my Time And Energy and actually am starting to disqualify people from my life because of lack of achievements. Call it standards. Call it new rules. Whatever you want. 

But, if you haven’t even bothered to put in the work to really acquire something, why would I waste my time with you? What’s the benefit for me? How does this make my life better? Do you understand why I am asking you these queations?

And do you understand why you must ask the same questions of people around you? 

Why you must cut out people who do not meet certain achievements or at the very least show a will to obtain those achievements? 

Why you have to consider your *OWN* Time and Energy Protection [TEP] first, and do not worry about ‘letting other people down’ or whatever nonsense they’ll use to justify their shortcomings? 

Why you need to consider yourself first? 

If you understand what I mean so far, good. It means you actually take what I have to say to heart. Hopefully you’ll start implementing it as well. And if you have problems doing so…

…well then I am happy to announce that you need to spread Energy, Positivity and Happiness around you and where you go.

You can do that by reading The 21 Ways To Retain Your Energy which is just a small fraction of all the knowledge I give away for FREE in the ebook you’ll get if you subscribe to my email list.

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Tellin’ BBC they’re full of it


It’s time to talk about something that’s near and dear to my heart. And, something that I suspect is near and dear to y’all’s hearts as well. Namely, how the news media and the establishment wants you to believe in all of their nonsensical distractions. 

Case in point: Digital Detox. 

You know the drill. Actually putting down your phone and all of the other devices, thinking it’ll work and that you’ll somehow magically become a better person. Of course that doesn’t work in 2023. Phones and other devices are meant to be used. Unless you willingly want to discard technology and live like a monk, this thing doesn’t work. And, you’re quite likely not on my list if you want to live like a monk. If there’s anything they have, it is time. 

Anyway, so I was inspired by some article from BBC. 

The article itself wasn’t *that* silly. Actually there were many good points. But it is *the way* the article is being built up that is worrisome and done deliberately to make people believe in this digital detox silliness. 

You can read the full article here:

The headline of the article reads: ‘Is it possible to digital detox anymore?’

A very open-ended question that has a lot of people thinking about starting to detox, because they want to ‘prove themselves.’ Clever and hypnotic marketing there. 

But wait, it gets better. 

Let’s continue with the first paragraph: 

‘In February, news broke that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff had taken a ‘digital detox’: 10 tech-free days at a French Polynesian resort. For a small group of people, taking a step back from devices is an achievable dream – but for most, it’s an impossibility, especially now.’

People who read this aren’t CEOs and they know that there’s more to it. Why does the article even mention the rich and the privileged who actually *are* able to take some time off their screens? And for the record, and I’ll get back to it, I have a way of half-detoxing which I’ll share with you later. 

Anyway, so the article goes on and on about how technology is an integral part of our lives and all the things you really knew but that still somehow needs to be said [not sure why other than having to fill the article with empty filler words]. 

Midway through the article, this paragraph sticks out like a sore thumb: 

‘The combined shift to hybrid work and hybrid relationships makes the traditional idea of digital detox not just outdated, but nearly impossible. Digital detoxes are touted as an anxiety-relieving panacea that will pull people away from distracting screens, and reconnect them with the present moment. But as people’s lives and screens are more inextricable than ever, the idealisation of disconnection may end up causing more anxiety when you can’t achieve it.’

No shit, Sherlock! Y’all didn’t think we already knew that? Why did it take you that long and that much nonsense to point out the obvious? In 2023, phones/tablets/laptops and so on are tools, not toys. Readers of this list know that very well. In fact when was the last time you even played some game on your phone? I really cannot remember. I don’t think I’ve ever done it. Watching some television shows here and there for entertainment? Absolutely. But playing games and wasting my already valuable time? No Sir Ee! 

You all see the problem here, right? 

The problem isn’t the content of the article. The above quoted paragraph actually contains a lot of wisdom. The problem is of course getting the reader turned off by inserting the valuable gold so far down the article, most readers have fallen off. 

I know I sound a little tinfoil hat conspiracy theorist-ish here, but I absolutely believe the aim of the article is to make the reader: 

i) Read the headline and start thinking about digital detox.

ii) Read perhaps the first two paragraphs about how the CEO did it and how they *can* do it just to prove a point.

iii) Ignore the rest of the article where all the helpful stuff really is and completely misunderstand the point. 

iv) Not gain a single benefit in life. 

Yeah, that’s my harsh take on this article. The news media is deliberately making you do things you shouldn’t do by tricking and deceiving you into doing various stuff. Let’s take the open-ended headline as an example;

‘Is it possible to digital detox anymore?’

They’re asking you in an open-ended way if it is possible, by making you triggered. Instead of turning it into an opinion piece and say something like ‘Digital Detox doesn’t work anymore’ and argue why. That would have been a *much* healthier way of informing the reader about why putting down your screens doesn’t work. 

I mean, what more proof do you need? 

Don’t you see it how they’re playing games with you? 

To further build up on my point, here’s one of the final paragraphs of the article;

‘Ultimately, say experts, the goal shouldn’t be to cut off technology, full stop – or internalise the pressure to do so. People still need to send an email or dash off a text, but can do so without getting distracted by the various wormholes of online content.’

Notice how …’without getting distracted by the various wormholes of online content.’ is cleverly hidden towards the end of the article. 

That’s the entire point! Using your phone and your social media presence as tools, not toys. Not for wasting your time, but for protecting your time. 

And, the news media are very clever in hiding the best stuff towards the end, when they know that the people who need to hear this the most – the young Gen Z kids who grew up with a phone and feel bad for using it, really could do with such information. 

Anyway, I’ll stop my rant now and hopefully you understood this point. 

You are being distracted by so-called ‘educational content.’

As for my personal detox tip? Well, I simply put my phone away for certain hours on days I know there is no urgent matter and happily enjoy life. Then I check it again in the evening or some such. Then I’m out again. 

Try it and see how it works for you. 

And, I would be remiss to remind you about your opportunity to get a FREE ebook on Time and Energy Protection [TEP] when you sign up for my email list.

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5 Time Saving Tricks

Plain and simple, 

I decided it was time to go ‘back to basics’ and talk a little bit about what I do to save my time and what I’ve seen a lot of successful people do over the years to save their time as well. 

Note that there isn’t anything ‘magic’ or ‘revolutionizing’ about what I’m about to tell you, a lot of if you perhaps know yourself. Then again I see so many people who complain about their lost time and they fail to implement these very rudimentary things and basic stuff. Life really goes in circles for some. 

I should also note, if you are completely broke and you have no money whatsoever to pay for services, hiring people and so on, best fix that first. In fact, if money is a legitimate issue, I’d like you to stop reading this email right now and fix your money troubles. Even if it takes you several years. I do not preach to the broke, I preach to the ones who already have some money and who are happy to invest it. Because they consider money for what it really is. A tool. And that’s that. Nothing more fancy, nothing more particular. 

So, let’s just jump straight into it: 

i) Outsource and pay for services: And by services and outsourcing you should already know what I mean. Hiring accountants or accountant firms, tax lawyers, maids, landscapers, mechanics for your car and so on. I’m at a point where even smaller tasks such as replacing my windshield wipers and so on, I want someone to do it for me. Because it saves up so much time. All those hours I spent changing tyres, changing the oil, doing whatever with my car. Not mention doing the accounting for my own business. It was time I could have spent doing something else. 

ii) Spend your time around people who deserve it: As in rich people, important people, influential people and so on. This actually means what a lot of people find reasons to avoid: Actually paying a lot of money to go to these masterminds or conferences or whatever they’re called and then network with the important people. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires. Every time you learn something new. So your money is well invested. And, at the same time, actually stay away from those people who do nothing but bringing you down. They’re not worth your time and they’re not contributing to your growth as a whole. 

iii) Use social media, and all sorts of media, for production, not consumption. If you have to consume media, both traditional and social, do it with intent. Instead of reading and getting engaged in endless Twatter debates, you actually write insightful tweets. Instead of scrolling on Insta you post cool posts. Instead of consuming the news media, you use it as a means of laughter and joy. I regard it purely as comedy at this point. If there’s a *real* pressing issue like war or a terror attack, other people will let me know. Instead, I smile at the words, then I look at the sun shining outside and the birds singing. Isn’t life beautiful if you stop giving the media the power it wants so badly? 

iv) Look at your own accomplishments so far and use them as a springboard for regarding yourself in the future and how Great you are going to become. If you compare yourself to other people all the time, you’ll always be too far off. You’ll never be good enough. Now, I’m not saying you cannot be inspired by other people. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use their success as motivation. But, ultimately, you must compare yourself to your accomplishments so far and then be motivated to work even harder. This saves you endless amounts of wasted braincells. 

v) Say ‘no’ more often. It is a great way of filtering out people who you do not like in your life, and who weren’t going to bring anything useful to the table. If other people tell *you* no, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do not like you, they just aren’t into whatever idea you are suggesting. It’s a path that’s well worth exploring, especially when dealing with other people who you think might be a problem. Just reject them or their idea and see where it goes from there. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it unless you mean it. Not at all. If you do that, you’re fake about it, they can smell it on you like fear, and you’ll come across as a fake. Actually reject things or ideas you do not like. It’s great way of others to prove themselves. And when they return to you [those who are valuable will], they’ve hopefully improved and they have a better idea or suggestion which saves you more time. 

So, there you have these 5 basic time saving tricks. 

Take them, use them, profit from them and let me know how they work for you. 

As always, should you request MORE information on TEP [Time and Energy Protection], I have a whole ebook dedicated for this thing.

It’s yours FOR FREE if you sign up for my email list by following the link in my bio.

In this book I’ll teach you a lot of stuff. Most of it is centered around what I call 21 Ways To Retain Your Energy, which are pretty basic and obvious life hacks that a lot of people COULD have used, but that they choose not to. I’m not sure why. I think it is because they haven’t consumed my brilliant book [no lies detected].

So…are you really sure you’d like to stop reading at this point *WITHOUT* checking my book?

It’s very simple.

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See you on the other side.

Flights, bad weather, disturbances, etc

Observing how the masses act when disaster strikes is quite fascinating. 

Especially if you’re into TEP [Time and Energy Protection] like I am and pretty much live for and breathe it. People have a lot of different ways to deal with adversity and stress. It’s all depending on how it hits them of course, but also what sort of situation they’re already in from before. 

Let me give you an example. 

I was recently at an airport, having checked in my luggage and was waiting beside the gate for the plane to arrive. Turned out the plane had to be delayed because of bad weather. Eventually the whole thing changed to the plane being cancelled. A lot of people had their plans go up in the air. I remember particularly a mother of three children and how she reacted to the whole thing. She was just sighing a little bit, playing around with her kids and was pretty much laughing at the whole thing. Not giving it too much of her Time and Energy. Inversely, most people were sighing, seeming pretty frustrated and were making phone calls left and right as well as texting. 

What is the point here? 

The point is, if you’re already used to some stress in your every day life, like that mother of three, a delayed or even cancelled flight isn’t going to throw you off. 

Life goes on. 

But those people who were traveling by themselves and who didn’t have any immediate disturbance around them? 

They were *really* stressed out. 

Now, you can probably add two and two together. But before you do, there are a couple of things I’d like to say first. I’m not saying you should go and seek out all the stress in the world. That will only ruin your life. I’m just saying that you should be used to having *some* stress/adversity/disturbances around you and learning yourself how to deal with them. Because if you do, you’ll not give away your Time and Energy to outside circumstances you cannot control. 

You cannot control how the weather affects a flight and how the flight is cancelled. 

But you *can* control how you respond to these circumstances and to where your TEP goes. 

Me personally? 

I always have some work to do, so I just grabbed my laptop and happily started working. I had actually quite a lot on my plate that day and this was a golden opportunity to get some work out of the way. 

Moral of the story in addition to being used to having some stress around you? 

Always look for excuses to do more work. 

If you have a smartphone and a laptop, you’re starting out well. 

Anyway, that’s it for now. 

If you’d like to know more, I teach you 21 Ways To Retain Your Energy in my FREE ebook which you’ll get if you subscribe to my email list.

One of those ways is surprisingly simple. It is to actually find joy in the little things. The first flower sprout in spring after a long and cold winter. The warm sun getting up in the morning. A smile on a loved one’s face. And so on. All the little things you *really* like, but that you aren’t thinking about enough.

Try it and see how it works for you.

Also, if you’d like to know way more about TEP [Time and Energy Protection], then go subscribe to my email list and get that FREE ebook you’d like so badly [I know you do].

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4 Life Essentials You’ve Probably Heard Before…Or Not?

I have always had an affinity for the raw basics. 

I am really a ‘meat and potatoes guy’ as well as an ‘getting your hands dirty and roll up your sleeves guy’ as well. Which means I am happy to preach the virtues of basic things in your life related to what I teach that most, if not everyone online seem to ignore. 

Let’s take the principle of time. I’ve previously attacked most of the time gurus who give generic advice. And make no mistake. I’m going to continue attacking them. So many of them are so full of nonsense. But, since everything starts with the basics and you need to learn how to crawl before you can stand erect on two legs and walk, I’m going to lace you with some of my own ‘personal basics.’ 

These are all tips and hacks that I’ve applied in my life which has freed up a lot of Time and Energy so that I am free to structure my day according to *my* liking. And, over the years, I’ve gotten to accomplish quite a lot of stuff compared to the average Joe Schmoe. 

Aight, so once again, this *is* a very basic checklist which means you’ve probably heard about it before, but chances are you’re either not doing it or you’re looking for excuses to start implementing it. Both of which won’t fly around ‘ere. 

So without further ado, here’s my basic checklist for saving Time and Energy in daily life: 

* I know my sleep schedule and how my body works. I usually go to bed at around 9:30 PM and get up at 5:30 AM in the morning. I function best before sunrise. I’m not at all a night owl. In fact, I’ve been experimenting with this way of living over quite a few years now. I’ve deliberately ‘slept in’ on the weekend to see if that helped. It did not. Not only that, but I’ve also tested different sleeping patterns. Sleeping 4-5 hours a night, for one week then maybe having a ‘sleep night’ where I sleep 12-13 hours. It *did work* to some degree, but by noon I was usually very tired and I had to take a power nap. Or two. Now, getting 8-9 hours of consistent sleep every night according to the circadian rhythm that suits me the best, I’m able to execute better, faster and more efficient. I like to get stuff out of the way as quickly as possible and that’s why I’m headed off to work right after I get up. 

* I keep a set of kettlebells and some mats close to my bed. I literally get to walk across the floor, pick up the kettlebells and start [literally] swingin’. After I’ve been to the bathroom and taken care of essentials of course. I keep my fridge loaded with water which has cooled over the night. Depending on how my day looks like, I start it off with training hard. That’s another thing I like to get out of the way. I just like training in the early mornings. I’ve never been an ‘afternoon workout bro’. And since my kettlebells are all prepared and setup, I get to jump straight into it. 

* I meal prep most, if not all of my meals. I keep plastic boxes, like Tupperware around and then I block out perhaps 4-5 hours one day of the week to cook and prep all the food. If I’m on the fly and am out travelling I either fast or have a snack. I’m usually very strict with my food intake, so I am ‘allowed’ to indulge in treats when I’m out travelling. This means I literally open a box and heat up the food when it’s time to eat. And it’s healthy food, not the processed garbage you get in grocery stores. 

* I keep a task list of non-negotiable things I must do every day. Writing my daily email[s], recording a podcast and/or video, advertising on social media and much more. Because this isn’t a common ‘todo list’ but rather a ‘non-negotiable list’ it means it’s set in stone. I *am* going to do it no matter what. This includes training of course. Especially because I do not *feel* like doing it. But because I *know* I have to do it. There is peace in knowing it will be taken care of because I have no other choice. 

And that’s it for now. 

These are four basic life essentials or ‘mandatories’ that I call them, that I will do every day, pretty much throughout the year. Of course life happens and there might be a pipe which bursts in the house, your car won’t start, dishwasher machine breaks down and so on. 

There’s always obstacles ahead. But you can still do most, if not all of your mandatory points. 

So, with this in mind, go write and implement your own mandatory checklist of non-negotiables and just start implementing them. 

So few other people do it. 

And you’ll save yourself endless amounts of Time and Energy which you can then use for the *real* struggles in life you come across. 

Such as dealing with real Time Thieves and Energy Vampires. Other people whose lives almost seem designed to bring you down. 

Y’know, nothing is as good as you being in the flow and doing your thing, only for your spouse or partner or someone you thought was your friend to bring you down and feeling bad for getting your life in order…wouldn’t you like to know how to work around other people instead of just things? 

People are often the worst of the worst. 

They make the things seem easy. 

Aight, aight, I’ll stop teasing you now. This part about people and the like is exactly what I teach to my email list [albeit for a fee]. But, you can get a sneak peak at what I’m getting at by getting your copy of a FREE ebook you’ll get when you subscribe to my email list.

One of the points goes into pursuing happiness and how you can ‘defeat’ other people’s attempts at making you feel bad by smiling.

Try it out and think happy thoughts.

Also, for ways to protect your Energy, saving time, dealing with Energy Vampires and the like, go get your FREE copy of this book.

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