The rich man’s real problem

If there is one thing I personally dislike, it is having gaps of vacant time in my life. 

As in, I have planned out my day exactly to the core in my mind, only to find out that I execute on all my tasks way faster than I actually thought. So now I have nothing else to do but to find new tasks to do. You’d think I’d be happy since I got that extra time. And don’t get me wrong, I am deep down happy for having it, but it is still annoying, because it totally messes up my plans. 

Perhaps it is an inherent flaw in my mind. 

As in, I do not appreciate the extra time I got. 

Well, I actually do. 

It is just that I have to plan my day again, and dedicate time to finding out tasks to fill my day with. 

Perhaps you’d call it a luxury problem. I don’t really know. I’m coming off the heels of a mandatory event which I for various reasons won’t go into any further details on. But let’s just say my Time was *really* cut short and my abilities to execute on my tasks were really tested. Picture yourself having to work on your phone, whilst sprinting from one building to another building having to do something completely different. Oh, and all of a sudden your mandatory tasks could be reversed in an instant. 

Yeah, that’s what I had to deal with over the course of the last few days. 

I guess one could say I *really* learned how to bend Time to my Will. 

Now it feels like I have too much of it. 

Yeah, that’s *really* a luxury problem. 

Anyway, let’s get back on track with the relevant topic. 

I just illustrated for you how you could treat Time if you must. 

Like your most appreciated asset. Like the thing that you shouldn’t give away freely. Because, unlike business and money which can be scaled into infinity, you cannot do the same with time. 

You cannot outsource time. 

You cannot find new, creative ways to make more of it. 

You cannot build other streams of time. 

Imagine that! Being able to build more pipelines, feeding you time. Wouldn’t you have been lucky to be in such a position? I surely would! 

There is a reason why the rich and successful outsource and delegate important tasks to people they know, trust and like. 

They just want to save time. 

So if you can help a rich person save time…

…I don’t need to tell you the rest, do I? 

That’s where *a lot* of money is made. 

You see, rich people are very much into Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. 

And if you’d like to learn more about TEP, about how you can protect your Time and Energy, especially by avoiding the Energy Vampires [EV’s] of the world, I know the perfect thing for you. 

Yes, I am talking about my 28-page thick book which is loaded with ways to avoid them. 

You know, the people who steal your time, who cannot let you go, who always bring you down to their lower than lowest level and who make you engage in a pissing match you really didn’t ask for. 

If you’re tired of that and you’d like to learn a little bit more about Energy, then all I can do is tell you my book is for FREE. 

All y’gotta do is to go this link and click it;

See you on the other side. 

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