The goggle eyed ‘trick’ I didn’t tell you about…

There is always a need for more TIME in your life. 

What I mean by that is that most of the activities you have scheduled will end up eating way more of your TIME than you expected them to do. On most days when I get up early in the morning I am surprised to see just how fast time moves when I am doing my stuff. I always end up overplanning. Meaning, I have all of these great ideas that I plan on executing in the morning, but I end up doing maybe 75% of them. Or perhaps less. This is *despite* planning to not be able to achieve all that I want to achieve. 

As in, I know I won’t be able to cross off all the activities on my list. 

But it is still better than doing nothing. 

Because when I plan on doing more stuff than what I know is possible, I force myself to work faster. 

But *still* time is outpacing me. 

I must work faster. 

I must work more efficient. 

I must work harder. 

However, I refuse to let my health get in the way. 

As in, I always block out time for sleep, for eating meals, for training, for doing all the things that I know will increase my health and longevity. 

One of my latest investments in that regard was a pair of new glasses. 

I talked a little bit about them in a video I released a couple of days ago. And it’s interesting to think about how most people have a tendency to not care about their eye health. All the dangerous radiation from the sun. Even when it is cloudy outside. Those beams from the sun are *still* piercing through the layer in the sky and can potentially cause visual damage. 

Yeah, I’m using a little scare tactics here, but please hear me out; 

It is *vital* that you actually take care of your eyes if you can. 

In my situation, I do not only take care of my eyes, but I also implement a new style which fits to my persona as I am gradually changing the way I dress, act and look in general. 

You can do the same. 

And, these glasses are in so many ways the perfect example of mixing Time and Energy Protection [TEP] with a longterm investment which will pay off massive dividends in years to come. 

Yeah, the price tag was significant and the cost was high. 

But, that’s what it’s worth in my opinion. 

And also, it makes my life a lot more convenient. 

I am able to work much more efficient and much more harder than most people. 

Simply because I pay money to invest in TIME and ENERGY through a physical product. 

And here’s where your homework kicks in; 

Find a physical product which saves you TIME and ENERGY and then invest a significant amount of money into it. I do not care what it is. Could be a new phone. New gadget. New car. New clothing garment. New pair of shoes. Whatever floats your boat, but that lets you conduct proper TEP. Regard money for what it is, and really invest *in yourself* first and foremost. 

Now, with that being said, 

I also have another offer I hardly think you could resist. 

It comes in the shape of an e-book, 28 pages thick. Where I deep dive into all sorts of tips and tricks you for you to up your TIME and ENERGY. Whether that means making someone else’s day better, working on your health, taking more risks in your life, dealing with Energy Vampires [EV’s] and much, much more…

…and perhaps, the best thing is, the book is totally FREE! 

That’s right! 

100% FREE! 

All y’gotta do is click this link;

Will I see you on the other side? 

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