Is this how to save YEARS of your life?

One of the things I like doing the least is wasting my time. 

Therefore, I make time work *for me*. Here are some very basic, rudimentary, but still efficient examples: 

* I make sure to block out 8 hours of dedicated sleep/rest time to fuel my body.
* I take one whole day off training once a week, depending on my schedule, to allow for muscle regrowth. 

* I always go somewhere with intent and look for reasons to chat up strangers I find interesting.

* I take jobs which I *actually* have some passion and interest for, making it appear like I am [because I’m not faking it] really into my occupation. 

* The food and the beverages I usually put in my mouth are meant for re-fuelling my body, not so much for pleasure. 

A little remark on that latest point. 

Whilst I indeed look for reasons and opportunities to eat good food and treat myself to sweets, junk food, culinary experiences and so on, just because food is all that important, that still means I usually eat healthy foods. 

Except, I eat healthy foods which I like. 

As an example, I’m not very much into fish and salads. That’s really not for me. Not vegetables in general, although I do include them as part of my dietary regimen. Instead I make it very simple; eggs, white rice and [ground] beef. That’s it. Nothing more fancy than that. 

Guess what? 

This basic approach saves me *a lot of* time which I otherwise would have wasted on frivolous nonsense, such as determining what to buy, what’s for dinner today and so on. 

Instead, I save time because I already know what’s on my plate. 

And if you extrapolate that past just food. 

I always know ‘what’s on my plate’, because there is always an inherent and specific reason why I go all these different places. I do never aimlessly walk around, wondering ‘What the Hell am I doing here anyway?’. I just don’t. If for some reason one of my plans are falling short, it doesn’t really matter, because I always have some back up plans. 

Now, as you’re reading this, ask yourself the following question; 

‘Do I have any back up plans myself’? 

If you do not, I strongly would advise you to block out some time and always construct and craft a back up plan if something goes sideways. 

Worst case, you end up doing an activity which might not be fun, but it’s still a productive usage of your time. 

Do you understand just how important this is? 

Over the course of a lifespan I bet you could save *years* of your own time just by structuring your days a little different, with a meaning and a goal. 

Try it and see how it works for you.

And that’s all for today when it comes to Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. 

Actually, hold your horses there a wee bit, capt’n. 

I might have more up in the sleeves for you. Especially about the other component that I talk about a lot. I have just talked a little bit about time and how to most efficiently use it to your advantage. 

But one thing that people forget is your ENERGY levels and just how important they are as well for your own well-being. 

Especially when you go somewhere and you do your best to make an impression on someone. 

You see, other people like people who are able to smile and make them feel good. Whether you like it or not. And if you do not have that ability in you, well then you are going to struggle. 

So make sure that wherever you go, you make sure to light other people up and make them feel good. Actually focus on happiness. 

Yeah, it sounds a lil’ silly, but it is what works for your nilly [have no idea what that means, it just sounded cool to say]. 

Anyway, if you’d like to know even more about TIME and ENERGY as well as how to protect these two valuable assets, then I have a suggestion; 

Read my FREE book which you’ll get when you click this link and follow instructions;

That’s it and see you on the other side. 

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