Reminder about P4

There are several ways to generate Energy from naught. 

One of them being simply deciding to do so. 

Yes, I know this is probably counter to pretty much everything you have learned in school and elsewhere. Something about Energy only being able to take other forms and this and that. Now, since I am a civil engineer by background myself, I take a scientific and rudimentary approach to pretty much everything…

…perhaps with the slight exception being Energy. 

Other people might call it life force, aura, charisma, influence, persuasion or whatever word you’d like to use. 

I do not care. 

I simply call it Energy. 

The will to convey a message. The way you deliver information to someone else. The discipline to keep on working hard and getting closer to your goals. 

That’s why I after a while discovered the so-called P4 formula. 

Passion 1x * Persistence 2x * Power 3x * Purpose 4x = 24X ENERGY

It cannot be explained in simpler terms than that. 

Everything stacks upon each other. 

But you have to start somewhere. 

Because if you do not have one of these in place, things won’t work as efficiently. Especially when it comes to the output of your Energy. I myself could hardly walk around and promote different sorts of political parties. Left or right, it doesn’t matter. Yes I lean more to the right overall, but that doesn’t matter really. I’m just not engaged and interested in this sort of stuff. So if I were to pretend I was interested and passionate about something which I am really not, I’d just come across as…


Which so many people do. 

Especially the ones parroting other people to whom they look up. Influencers, celebrities all have their watered down versions on social media. 

It just ruins everything for everyone. 

Do not be like that. 

You know better and you can do better. 

Start out with *your* preferred passion and go from there. 

That’s where *real* Energy stems from. 

And should you require more information, I have a suggestion on where to go look. 

You see, I have devised and crafted a book about this very topic. About how to generate Energy from naught and also how to retain it. There’s a little segment [perhaps not so little after all] inside the book about how to save time. How to avoid people who drain your Energy. How to be the most energetic version of yourself. And lots more. 

All y’gotta do really, to get your sticky paws on my book is to click this link in and follow instructions;

See you on the other side. 

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