Dating and business BS filters more people should apply

I always employ what I call my own PA. 

It’s not a human. It’s more of a sixth sense. As in, I have trained myself to detect nonsense and ménagerie from afar. This stems from years of testing and trying. And, all the more important, I do it being 100% unique. This is not something I ‘pretend’ to do. I actually go through with what I preach. 

I’ll give you an example as it relates to dating and girls. 

I believe I first picked up on this from the great Ben Settle

Anyway, here goes; 

Me and this girl were going to see each other. I’d arranged for us to meet at a place I was going regardless. Meaning, I didn’t care if she didn’t show up or not, because my plans were already made. So I texted her and expected a reply [she’d been replying eagerly up until this stage]. 

However this time, it was different. 

Now that she had to actually follow through with her commitment, I didn’t hear back from her. 

So I went to the place, had a great time and didn’t expect her to show up. 

And, of course she didn’t. 

Deafening silence for the next days. 

Then all of sudden she sent me some short reels of her and what appeared to be her friends partying. She kept on sending various other reels and shorts throughout the following days. Looked like she sort of wanted to get back in the race. 

So I asked her if she still wanted to meet. 

And she said yes. 

So I told her once again to meet at a certain place at a certain time.

Only this time…I didn’t show up. I wanted to see if she *actually* meant what she said. As it turned out, I didn’t get any text from her the day of our so-called ‘schduled’ meeting and I really do not know what happened next. What I *do* know is that I didn’t show up. And with her not texting me at all, I’d assume she didn’t even bother going herself in the first place.

Which tells you pretty much everything you need to know about such people. 

The definition of an Energy Vampire [EV’s]. 

Not following through with their promises. 

Now, this is a simple example from the dating world. 

But what about if you run a company and you have business partner who is critical for your success and said person starts not delivering on their promises? What happens to your customers? Your reputation? Your revenue? 

I’m sure you’re seeing where I’m going with this. 

And you probably already understand what sort of ‘PA’ I have been referring to all this time. 

And if you don’t, I’ll spell it out for you; make plans centered around *your* needs and wants, not the needs and the wants of others. If they show up, they show up. If not, they don’t and that’s pretty much everything you need to know. Especially if they don’t let you know in advance. 

Now, if you’re trying to get someone’s business or a deal, it’s a different thing. Now you have to show up to them and make *your* plans centered around their needs and wants. But you already understood that, right? 

Of course you did. 

Anyway, if you find yourself struggling with EV’s sucking up your valuable time and you do not know what to do about it…

…I may or may not have got something sweet in the store for you. Something you’d appreciate a lot and that you no doubt can learn from a lot.

And the best thing of all is that it is 100% FREE!

So what’s this thing? 

Oh well, nothing special, just a 28 page jam packed with secrets, tips and tricks book that I wrote *specifically* for weeding out the time sucks of your life. 

All y’gotta do is click this link and follow instructions;

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