Eat Your Humble Pile

If there is anything at all I wish I could change about my life it is…

…y’know what, I’m not really sure. I could have gone on and on about all the pile of mistakes I’ve made over the years. All the times I’ve come up short in life. My Humble Pile as I like to call it. It is vastly stacked with so many errors, mistakes, cowering actions and self-defeating thoughts, I had no idea anyone at all could think like that. Because there are so many times I’ve made the mistake of stopped doing something just because I instantly didn’t get what I wanted. Or someone told me something and I chose to listen to them instead of doing things my way. Y’know, the usual reasons why people come up short in life. 

Then I look at all the wins I have. 

Y’see, there is another pile which contains all my wins. 

Guess what separates the Winning Pile from the Humble Pile? 

My own persistence. 

Yeah, that’s right. I understood that in spite of my feelings, no matter what I was thinking, time would pass regardless. I couldn’t do anything about it. Except keeping on working hard and stop lifting my head up high. 

That’s what separates winners from losers in my mind. 

Yeah, sure, there’s something called taking risk. 

I get that. And I do agree you need to take risks in life. Sometimes you *will* lose and you’ll end up paying for your loss. Perhaps financially, perhaps time wise. But during that loss and that down period, you learned a lot about yourself and life. What you should have done different. What you shouldn’t have done different. Why things ended up the way they ended. And that ultimately, even though perhaps you didn’t contribute to the outcome of whatever situation, you are *still* responsible for it, because you didn’t capitalize properly on the opportunity. 

Could be that hot girl who walked by who you didn’t open up. 

Could be that opportunity to network with a Millionaire. 

Could be that conference or gathering which felt painfully money wise to attend. 

Could be that sparring session you missed out on. 

No matter what it is, TIME passes. 

And that is the gist of this email. 

Yeah you win and you lose and time will pass no matter what. 

So why not do your best to stack up as many wins as possible? 

Why not work on making that Winner Pile bigger than the Humble Pile? 

Yeah it’s hard, but it is doable. 

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