5 Energy Vampire Traits

If there is anything I dislike or almost hate it is when people do not deliver on their promises. 

Here’s also an admission. Yes I am guilty as charged; I actively look for ways to discredit people and lay traps so that I have leverage to use against them later. Could be anything, big or small. Anything from me revealing a secret to them in confidence which really doesn’t hurt me that much if it comes out, but that I prefer to be undisclosed, to lending them some money, to giving them something and see how they respond to it later down the line and so on. 

Note that I am *not* talking about giving extra money to people as in close friends and so on. If I have a close friend, a trusted brother, who is in desperate need for money and his life is literally at play, I will *give* him the money without asking for anything in return. 

But that’s not what I’m talking about. 

I’m talking about how Energy Vampires really operate. 

Yes, I could go on and on about how annoying they are behavior wise. And perhaps I should do so down the line. But for now, I prefer to go a little deeper and look at some of the ‘other’ traits that EV’s display quite a lot of times; 

i) They do not deliver on their promises

ii) They take way more than they give [they hardly ever give]

iii) They cannot keep a secret for all the money in the world

iv) They *will* betray and backstab you sooner or later

v) They refuse to assume responsibility and blame everyone else for their shortcomings

I’d love to expand a little bit on point v). Yes, they’re all important, but point v) is especially important because it is sobering and humbling, yet very important. 

If you have screwed up in the past and you disregarded your errors, life will come back to bite you in the arse. 

I’ll give you an example. 

Not too long ago, someone I know started venting and moaning about how his wife was a massive problem in his life. Supposedly she was furious with everything he did, threatened to divorce him and assume full custody of the kids. In other words, making his life *even more* miserable. A lot of advice was given within our common circle. In fact, I dare say more than he could ask for. 

And what did he do [or say that he was going to do]? 

You guessed it…


More, if you pause and think about it, where is the responsibility part coming in? 

Look at the guy’s past. 

Perhaps he wasn’t responsible for all the bickering in their marriage. But *he* picked that woman, married her, and had kids. In other words, he did a poor job in advance of their argument. 

Not only that, but could it be that over the years, he didn’t exactly prioritize their marriage and kids over his job and other stuff?

I don’t know, I’m just speculating here. 

All I’m saying is, *he* is the one to blame for their bad marriage. Not his wife. And certainly not his kids. 

Anyway, I think you know where I am headed with this.

An EV is someone who has a problem for which they are responsible themselves, come to you with it and then finds all the reasons in the world to blame anyone else but themselves for their shortcomings and problems in life. And, they overload you with information and make sure you are the one on the receiving end of all their rants. That’s what they really want. They do not want to sack up and do the work. They prefer to moan and vent and make *your life* miserable as well. 

Think about that the next time someone has a problem and comes to you with it. 

Especially if it’s financially related. 

On that note…

…you’d perhaps be interested in learning more about EV’s and EE’s [Energy Enablers] and how they work in your everyday life? I’ll tell you, a lot of *my* problems vanished nearly overnight as soon as I scrubbed the bacteria and vermin from my personal life. 

Yeah that’s harsh or is it really?

After all, an organism need to be clean and healthy in order to survive. 

And you are no exception. 

Simply put, if you struggle with a lot of EV’s sucking up your time in your every day life, my FREE ebook will teach you a lot of tips and tricks on how to deal with them. 

All y’gotta do is click the following link and follow instructions; www.aaryningen.com

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