What Ben Settle and Floyd Mayweather taught me

One thing I like to do is getting the mandatories out of the way. 

What do I mean by my ‘mandatories’? 

Well, it’s simple. 

I like to get up early in the morning. Like at 4:00 AM and just start working, training and doing whatever I have to do. Doesn’t matter whether I went to bed early or late. I’m getting up at that hour pretty much every single day. Aside from getting the time to do whatever I want and need doing, so that I am equipped to serve others before I serve myself [credit to Ben Settle for that philosophy and way of thinking]. There is peace in knowing that. 

But there is also peace in knowing something else. 

And that is where I’ll credit the great Floyd Mayweather. 

There was a saying when he was an active boxer, before he retired. I don’t know, maybe this saying is still around. 

But anyway, Floyd would oftentimes party a lot and go to the club [I don’t think he consumed alcohol actually], and then often *run back to the gym* and start training in the middle of the night. Some of his crew, when the cameras were around to document his training would say something like ‘When you are sleeping the Champ is training’. Now, I do assume Floyd actually went back home and slept in the early hours of morning when others were awake. But that’s beside the point. The point is of course his relentless work ethic and also how he was training whilst his competition was sleeping. And I’ve heard that he would actually call people in the middle of the night and tell’em it was time to go training, for the third or even fourth time that day! So, and absolute savage!

But it goes back to what I was saying about working and training when others are asleep. And how I first and foremost dedicate this time *to myself* before going out and dedicating it to others. 

In such ways, Ben Settle and Floyd Mayweather have influenced me largely and this is pretty much me paying homage to them in the best way I can. 

Because, by doing this, I slowly take over the world and I spend my Time wisely. It’s the same with my Energy. This is just one way of doing proper TEP [Time and Energy Protection]. 

No matter how large and ugly a blue-haired whale I meet. 

No matter how annoying a person is who I encounter. 

No matter how much resistance I get whenever I walk outside.

It doesn’t matter. Because I have completed all of my mandatories for the day. 

If you want to learn more about TEP and how to navigate this increasingly insane world we live in, I have good news for you. 

You see, I’ve written a book on the topic. 

Both when it comes to saving Time and Energy. A lot of times, people who are into these sorts of things think it’s all a matter of cleaning up your space. Literally. As in selling everything you don’t need, de-clutter and all of those things. Which is fine and may work for a limited time. 

But there are other distractions out there. Like in people and in feelings. And it is those distractions that I want you to get out of your way. 

What goes on outside your head you may be able to work on easily. 

But what about all the internal things? 

Such as the things people say. The emotions people manage to influence you with. So on and so forth. 

Everything that happens outside but which *you* perceive in your own unique, different way. 

What can you do to combat those feelings? 

And still go ahead and execute? 

That is the *real* way of doing TEP.

Anyway, I won’t take up much more of your time, other than telling you where to find the book. 

It is FREE and it’s yours by opting into my email list. 

Click the following link and follow instructions; www.aaryningen.com

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