Non-negotiable tests for peace of mind

One of the worst things I know is to waste my time. 

I cannot count the number of times it has happened to me. Whether that is going to see someone who was a big letdown [potential business partner, going on a date, etc], this sort of wasteful behavior can drive one crazy. 

This is why I started to be super strict with my time and who I would allow into my life. 

I did so for the most part using various tests. 

Most people simply didn’t meet my criteria. 

And as a result my life got a lot more fulfilling and rewarding. I’m not going to say I managed to eliminate all the distractions around me, but I’d certainly say that as a result of me imposing these strict and non-negotiable tests, my life has become so much better for it. Now, I’m happy to reveal those tests to people who choose to consult me for other services. 

I’ll give a few hints here, though. 

It all starts with their behavior. 

I’ve said this before and I do not mind saying it again; 

If they can’t keep a small secret, you know they can’t be trusted, so why even bother at all? I certainly wouldn’t. If they have the need to tell everyone and their mother about something you meant to be private, then you know what sort of person they are. 

That’s right, the time consuming leeches. 

Anyway, if you’d like to learn more about how to evade the Energy Vampires [EV’s], and Time Thieves [TT’s], as well as getting a much better life overall when it comes to Time and Energy, go read my FREE ebook. 

All y’gotta do is click this link and follow instructions;

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