IG guru with annoying questions

One of the worst things I know are fake, loaded questions. 

I get them all the time in social media inboxes, no matter whether it’s Twatter, Insta, and so on. And, it’s always the same. Some social media guru who’s giving a fake compliment about how they love my photos, my posts and so on. And how they definitely recommend I should post more, only I should do it ‘their way’ because it’s soooo much better than what everyone else is doing. 

Usually I politely reject their ideas. 

They then follow up with some sort of passive-aggressive comment like; ‘Oh, I guess you’re not looking to make more money on social media after all’, which is kind of true. 

I prefer to make my money via email and ideally via word of mouth. Like in old skool referral marketing. 

That is, people know about me only via others and they would then have to come to me. I’d either say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to doing business with them. As such I have the upper hand and I do not ‘need’ to go out there and make all sorts of wild promises on social media. Kind of reminds me of this chick I was reading about the other day. She’d been making a lot of money from Instagram about her life as a broke student. Not sure how ‘broke’ she really was, considering she actually got paid to promote herself on social media. Not in my interest to find out, though. What surely *is* in my interest is to know that she got kicked out of Insta the other day for whatever reason. Can’t exactly remember, but it had something to do with violating their guidelines. And with that, she lost most of her earnings. I guess that makes her a *really* poor student [half joking]. 

Anyway, you see where I am going with this, right? 

Quite likely, it is *one* dude or dudette on Insta who’s responsible for that chick being kicked out. 

One person can stop you from marketing yourself on an entire platform. 

If it were me and I was doing my marketing via word of mouth only, how in the world can *one* person stop everyone else from talking about me, if I’m widely sought after? 

It’s like a virus. It spreads fast, and one case who’s resistant doesn’t wipe out the whole virus. In fact, nothing really does. The virus dies when everyone has been influenced by it and developed antibodies. Just like with a certain pandemic you may or may not have heard about lately. 

Alright, I think I’ll end it right there. 

In other words, save your Time and Energy by not taking common social media too seriously. You’ll only end up digging a hole in the ground for yourself. 

Instead, learn how *you* can best take advantage of all the time around you, in your life. 

If you’re interested in learning more, I suggest you start reading a little bit about how to properly save Time and Energy [TEP]. In other words, what can *you do* to make best use of your life? 

What can you do to make other people like you? 

What can you do to make other people influence you? 

What can you do to even make time work for you? To leave behind the Energy Vampires who deplete you for your Energy? To kill all the Time Thieves who have an uncanny ability of speeding up time when you least need it?

I’m not saying I have *all* the answers, but I do have some suggestions. 

Grab a FREE copy of my ebook and consume all the 28 pages to learn more. 

Just click the following link and follow instructions; www.aaryningen.com

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