Joe Rogan’s Zombie Apocalypse habit

One thing I have always done is treating most days like it’s the last one on this planet. 

As from some sort of Zombie Apocalypse film or some such. If I had one day left on this planet to do everything I wanted or needed to do, how and what would I have done? Why? How fast could I have done it? How many things could I have crossed off from my bucket list? Could I manage to achieve 100 things? 1000? Perhaps more? The less breaks I allow myself, the more efficient I become. 

I was actually reminded about this from Joe Rogan. I read somewhere he said something about how you should live your life and do your things like you would if a camera crew was following you in every wake second of your life and making a documentary about you. 

How would you behave?

Would you fall into your bad habits? 

Would you pretend to better? 

Or would you actually implement changes in your life for the better? 

I think I’d go with the last one right there. Implementing changes in my life that would overall improve it. So much so it automatically became a new habit of mine. Who knows, perhaps I’d actually learn something in the process? 

Now, if you think about it, this was meant as a means of self-improvement. 

Like in getting more disciplined. Training, eating correctly, working hard on your business, talking to more people [girls, potential prospects, etc]. 

Well, why can’t you use that same way of thinking when it comes to guarding and protecting your time? 

As in getting twice as many things done in half the time by focusing on how fast you can do things? If literally this was the last day of your life? I know, if you wake up and you know that you have total freedom for 24 hours or less and that you’re about to die or something else at the conclusion of the 24th hour, you’d probably perhaps spend your time crying or some such…and then time would have passed regardless. 

See, that’s the beauty and the ugly thing about time. 

Time doesn’t care about your feelings. No matter whether you’re happy, sad, afraid, anxious, worried, whatever. 

Time just is. 

And has a somewhat nasty habit of picking up the pace and passing faster than you’d thought. 

Now, I’m starting to get ahead of myself and spill all my beans. 


If you found this piece valuable, and you’d like to learn more about Time and Energy Protection [TEP], then I am happy to tell you I wrote a whole book on the matter. 

The book clocks in at 28 pages of golden gems with most, if not all of the tips and tricks that I’ve learned during my life to avoid the typical Energy Vampires and Time Thieves which eat up a lot of your life. 

And I’ll be honest for a second; 

It ain’t necessarily what you think it is. 

Look, ‘de-clutter your workspace’ and ‘selling everything you’re not using’ is fine and dandy and probably gives you peace of mind. But those are but the minor distractions you must take care of. 

The real ones…well, I won’t spoil the fun. 

Have a read for yourself. 

Click the following link and follow instructions to know more;

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