350 grams of BUGS?

Here’s a lil’ rant for ya;

I just read the biggest nonsensical article I’ve ever read for quite a while. 

Y’know how there’s this war on meat, right? How eating red meat is bad for your health, how it’s environmentally a non-sustainable way of eating, how you’re using too many of the world’s natural resources and all of that stuff? How, if the politicians had it their way, there would be ‘less red meat and more plant-based, sustainable green foods’ and what ever nonsense they manage to rattle off of themselves? 

Well, the newest is that we supposedly have to conform to only eating 350 grams of red meat per week. 

Not only for health benefits, but also because of environmental causes. 

I think that most people reading this email already know all the lies the news media and the so-called ‘scientific panels’ are spreading about food, what sort of food you should eat and so on.

Eating red meat might increase your chances of getting some sort of cancer by a couple of percent. 

And that’s it. 

The rest is pretty much political. And that’s where we’re at. Which is why I take this nonsense with a grain of salt. Or shall we say a chunk of meat instead? Yeah, that sounds much better. 

If this development continues, we’ll be eating bugs before you know it. 

How does a Quarter Pounder of BUGS sound? Not exactly tempting, right? 

Well, as long as you do the opposite of what the news media tell you to do, you’ll be in better health than if you follow their guidelines. Remember, they always follow a political agenda. Same goes for everyone who’s an ‘expert’ or ‘pundit’ in whatever cause they’re talking about. It has got nothing to do with science, and everything to do with politics. 

And least of all, it has got to do with your Time and Energy. 

Quitting worrying over all of this nonsense is *one* way of doing Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. 

And I will show you plenty of things more in my FREE ebook which is all about TEP, but in ways you perhaps didn’t think of. Such as eliminating distractions related to feelings, emotions, people, perceptions and so on. 

Yeah, it’s useful to de-clutter your workspace and use reminder apps to do this or that. 

But those physical things don’t necessarily fix what’s inside your head, Barnie! 

In order to do so, I recommend you give my 28-page book a read and implement what’s being taught inside. 

Click this link and follow instructions to get started; www.aaryningen.com

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