Removing Obstacles From Your Life

One of the things I constantly hear other people talk about is how *other people* are bugging them. 

And it can be anyone. Their boss, their spouse, their friends, even their kids. Everyone has a problem with someone. It’s like they actually choose to live this life voluntarily, knowing that there are so many ways to rid oneself of all the obstacles one has in their lives. Just think about it; if you live in a sad marriage which is dragging you down, you aren’t getting what you want out of the relationship, it’s sexless, you’re depressed, your spouse isn’t on your team or doesn’t even consider it a team effort, why bother staying? Really? 

This is what I refer to when I talk about removing obstacles from your life. 

As in, people. 

Y’see, when you read a lot of these Time and Energy Blogs or whatever else is out there [I have to admit I haven’t even studied my competition properly because it’s so boring reading what they have to say], they’re all high on de-cluttering, organizing one’s workspace, selling all the stuff one doesn’t need and all of that. 

Which is totally understandable by the way. 

I’ve done it many times over and over again. It feels so good to rid oneself of all the mess one doesn’t need. 

But this way of living doesn’t remove the *bigger* and more *impactful* obstacles in your life. 

To put it like this [if I had to use an extreme]; I’d rather live in a messy home and have peace of mind, knowing that all the people in my life were good people, rather than de-cluttering and coming back home to a termagant who didn’t cut me some slack. 

Or having blood sucking leeches as friends. 

The people around, in your life, are your biggest obstacles. 

Just think about it. And be honest. Yes, this is a little rough to swallow but this is life. 

I’ll end with a quick story I heard from work some time ago. 

During lunch break, two of my then colleagues were talking about one of them didn’t find a proper birthday gift to give to his wife. He’d tried organizing a ‘Smash Event’ which supposedly is a thing where you pay to break stuff. I know, sounds silly. Depending on the price tier, you got bigger and bigger stuff to smash [like a used fridge or even a car] and tools [hammers, bludgeons, hacksaws maybe?] to break said stuff with. I personally find it dumb, but that’s not the the point here. 

The point is that the guy’s spouse wouldn’t accept this sort of gift because she was concerned about ‘the impact it had on the environment. After all, it was junk.’

So now they were going to do some sort of trip together. 

Anyway, you go figure how much ‘fun’ they have in their lives. 

This is precisely an example of a human obstacle killing all the fun, all the excitement, all the emotions, just because of television and media brainwashing. 

These are the sort of people you must remove from your life in order to conduct proper Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. 

Speaking of TEP, if you need to know more about TEP, including how to eliminate distractions from your life [the *right* sort of distractions], you need to elevate your Energy Levels and make your life overall more convenient to save Time and Energy…

…My FREE ebook which clocks in at a fat 28 pages or so will teach you a lot .

Especially about all the timeless ways there are of fixing these issues. 

Timeless advice that so many people do not talk about. 

I’ll reveal one trick right now: Try smiling and telling more jokes. Be more fun and relaxed to be around and see how many more people will become attracted to you. 

Just try it and see how it works for you. 

Obviously everyone gets different results from doing different work, but I have yet to hear a single soul say this didn’t work for them. 

Anyway, to learn more tricks and tips for doing TEP, just do the following:

  1. Click this link:
  2. Follow instructions accordingly. 

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