‘Are we dating the same guy?’

I became aware of the following phenomenon not too long ago. 

Supposedly, there are various groups that girls have created, designed for indeed finding out whether they are dating the same guy or not. But just like gossiping is very tempting when it doesn’t involve oneself, I suspect these groups are being used not only to find out whether two girls are dating the same guy, but also to spread a little gossip about these poor guys. Including sharing embarrassing bedroom experiences, social conduct and a lot of other stuff. Irrespective of who’s dating who. 

Of course I can’t say this for sure, as I’m obviously not a member. 

But just like human nature has its way of going in real life, so it has online as well. 

Yes I have no doubt quite a few rotten eggs have been picked apart inside those groups. Including potential harmful men.

It doesn’t look promising for those who are dating multiple girls, or does it? 

I’m not going to go into the whole dating scene thing. I practice Time and Energy Protection [TEP]. But I’ll say that according to my experiences, when you’re high enough value, women do not even care whether they have to ‘share you’ with other girls. They just sort of, kind of accept it. Reminds me of something that Andrew Tate once said on a podcast, related to racism; 

‘Basically, racism is for the poor, designed to divide people. When you’re rich, you do not care about the skin color of other people’. 

I might have gotten a word or two wrong in that quote, but I think you get the gist of it. 

And where am I going with these ‘are we dating the same guy’ groups? 

Well, apart from weeding out the future suffragettes and the blue whale feminists who cannot be saved anymore, my stance is, if you’re not a high value man you’ll end up in that group. Maybe if you’re dating a feminist too [I’ve done that once, and will never do so again]. 

If you are a Man worth having, why would any woman smear your reputation? 

It really doesn’t make any sense. 

Now, I’m not encouraging you to run through as many chicks as possible. But hey, if that’s your thing, then by all means do so. I’d say exercise some caution, especially if you live in one of these feminist countries. Level up and focus on yourself and your own growth first. Make the money, get the connections, become likable, become someone who’s worth something. 

As the late, great Jim Camp said via Ben Settle, display anti-neediness. 

When you do not need people they have a certain way of flipping things around and saying they need you. 

If you are worthy.

Which you should be. 

Because when you are worth something, you control someone’s Time [indirectly]. 

Anyway, I’ll stop right there and we’ll touch base tomorrow. 

Remember to become more valuable in every aspect of life and level up. 

If you are interested in learning more about Time and Energy Protection [TEP], one small trick that I’ve learned over the years is to turn yourself into a likeable person. Like I just said above, only I’ll expand a little bit on it. 

You see, I’ve written a 28-page book on that topic. And I am more than happy to give away that book to you, but first I’ll tell you what’s inside. 

Aside from ways to save Time and Energy that can’t necessarily be googled, I focus a lot on elevating your and other people’s energy levels. As in being likeable. As in being nice and polite to people. As in being charming. Because when you make for good company, other people have an easier time doing you favors. Especially if you do not need their company. 

Versus if you’re sour, you’re low energy, you’re boring, you’re the opposite of what I just wrote above….you get the idea. 

Nobody wants to be around such a person. 

Instead, when you can influence others and make other people appreciate your company and the *way you deliver your message* you all of a sudden have a value cap on you. 

If that sounds interesting to you, I’m happy to give away some [not all] of my secrets. 

All y’need to do is to click the link in my bio and follow instructions. 

See you there. 

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