I just lost 12 minutes of my time…

…and feels like the worst pain in my life. 


I’d written a draft message about how I listened to PBD’s podcast ‘Valuetainment’ and then all of a sudden I accidentally clicked on some stuff and like a fart gone wild in the sky, my entire message was deleted. 

Not fun. 

So I had to start over again. And, this simply reminded me of something. Don’t worry, I’ll get to the PBD segment because it was very valuable and helpful. But I thought I’d have to say some words about this little occurrence. 

After all it relates to my message about Time and Energy Protection [TEP] which I am huge on. 

I could have spent a lot of time trying to get back the lost message, including swearing, cursing and making a fool out of myself. No matter what I did or said, I wouldn’t have gotten back that message because it was automatically deleted. So no matter how many ‘tricks’ or ‘moves’ I’d try to pull, the end result would have been the same; I’d have to go back to scratch and rewrite that message. 

Not fun. 

What is not fun either is to lose time. 

So, back to scratch and rewrite what I just did. 

And this is where PBD’s wisdom comes in handy. 

PBD was talking about how a lot of people today simply are ‘reactive’ or they are what’s called ‘reactors’. They react to the economy and the financial cycle. They’ve spent their last 20 years reacting to everything that has gone wrong in their lives: financial crises, pandemics, wars, layoffs, whatever is coming. And instead of learning from their first bad experience, they’ve gone back to their usual docile habits, being more concerned with happy hours in the bar and whether they can bang Susan in sales without being fired by HR.

And what happens when people react to bad stuff that’s happening around them? 

You guessed it, they spend a lot of Time and Energy complaining, venting, moaning and blaming others. 

Instead of learning and planning for the next catastrophe or downturn, they’re looking at whoever is around them, wanting to blame them. 

These people are a nightmare to be around. 

PBD calls them ‘reactors’. 

I call them Energy Vampires. Or simply EV’s.

As in, EV’s are *always* not going to be prepared, and they’re going to blame others for their shortcomings. 

If they get laid off for underperforming in bad times and you keep your job because you are actually valuable for the company, then guess what? They’re going to come for you instead of taking a hard look in the mirror and realize all that chasing of ice cream, beer and girls probably didn’t improve their sales rates at their jobs. 

Yes, I am suggesting that your lazy colleague might be an EV.

So watch out. 

Or Heavens Forbid if *you* are the Energy Vampire. 

You’ve really got some work to do. 

And even if you aren’t, and you’re surrounded by EV’s, reactors and whoever else is looking to steal your Time and Energy, you might want to do something about that. 

One idea *could* be to read about one the 21 Ways of Increasing Your Energy Levels which I teach in my FREE ebook. 

One such way is to actually be appreaciative of everything that’s around you. Including yourself. If you have two arms and two legs and they’re fully functionable and you’re in good health, what do you really have to be ‘sad’ or ‘depressed’ for? Really? You should be happy because everything is fine and perhaps you lack some money or some relationships. 


Go work on yourself and make other people happy and make your company a worthy one. 

Do you see how easy it is to raise your Energy Levels and spread it to other people? 

Do you want to know more? 

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