Millionaire’s 30 second trick

Long story very short: 

I just heard a millionaire one time saying how he let everyone who walked into his office have 30 seconds of his time. 

That was all they got in terms of pitching their idea to him. He probably wanted to see whether they could keep him interested and engaged for such a short time and possibly prolong their permitted time thereafter. 

It’s a short, but very valuable lesson that everyone should aim to implement. 

Do you understand how important your time is? 

Irrespective of your financial status or not? 

If you do not, and you could use some help in that regard with respect to Time and Energy Protection [TEP], you can get my FREE ebook which teaches you a lot of stuff when it comes to working faster. 

I’ll give you a hint though: it’s not the ususal ‘clean your workspace’ and ‘use a scheduler’ gobbledigook generic advice which you can think of yourself. Although that surely is valuable, we need to go deeper to the roots and fundamentals. 

And that is what I do. 

In fact I spend pretty much 28 pages doing so which can be all yours if you choose to opt into my email list. 

Just click the link in my bio and follow instructions. 

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