The real Modern Wisdom of Chris Williamson?

This is probably not going to win me over some new fans, but I don’t care. 

Here we go; 

I was briefly listening to a podcast featuring Chris Williamson and Mike Thurston where they touched on my holy subject; time. In this case, Mike was telling Chris about how he and his team had been shooting a 16 minute or so video for his vlog that ended up taking a full two days. I will admit, I wasn’t halfway paying attention to what they were saying up till that point. But that really got my attention. 

The conversation went something like this; 

Mike: ‘So, we were driving my new car up in the mountains and spent a couple of days there. You know, this one 20 second segment where you see me do XYZ took one whole hour to film…

Chris: ‘One hour?’ That’s a whole podcast! 

Mike: ‘Yeah, I know…’

Pause for a second. 

I’m not going to belittle Mike Thurston for doing this. Fact is, if he gained more followers or made more money or if is life improved in any regard from doing that vlog with his car, good for him. I’m just not going to do it. In fact, I’ll say this, I could give less of a damn about cars. I’m just not interested in them. I’m more of a boat type of guy. But even if I had a boat, I don’t think I’d spend two whole days filming a vlog about my new boat. Or if I were, I’d be sure to be working on something else productive in the background instead of trying to make it seem like I was living this fulfilling life. I don’t know. I’m just not attracted to the whole glossed over scene with the fancy cars, boats and where everyone is looking like cheap, watered down versions of each other. 

Anyway, my point is of course that which Chris was touching on. 

Namely, is this a productive usage of my time? 

Is that whole hour I’m spending on driving my car and shooting scenes, which will turn into a 20 second segment the best possible usage of my time? 

Could I have done something else? Like recording a podcast? 

Now, it’s important to realize you should absolutely do things which are fun and entertaining. 

If Mike had earned going on that trip to have fun, then by all means. 

If he didn’t, oh well…I think you get the picture. 

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