F-35 versus Spitfire

Some people just don’t know how to use their energy properly…

In the latest of gobbledigook and nonsense, a group of neighbors of an airbase have gathered and filed a mass lawsuit against the state because of some fighter jets which make a lot of noise. 

Case in point and background: Lately, about 3–4 years ago, the Government in my country made the decision to introduce a new fighter jet. Supposedly, and accordingly, this new fighter jet makes a lot of noise. Significantly more than the previous one. Of course that upsets the neighbors, since given the current climate with wars being fought close to our backyard, routine scouting missions and so on, the figher jets get quite busy. In fact I think they’re almost up and flying pretty much daily, in fact several times a day, whilst when the previous ones were in duty, they weren’t nearly as active. 

Either way, these people are fighting a losing battle. Almost like putting Spitfire up there with F-35’s. 

Because, there is absolutely no way any sane government is going to prioritize the complaints of a couple of hundreds over a nation’s safety. 

At the very least that’s what I’m thinking. And kind of hoping. If a country cannot have an active airbase because people are complaining over the noise too much…well, I’m not going to even finish that thought. 

Aside from farmers and so on [which I do not believe there were that many of in that area, but I could be wrong], the majority of people should just sack up and leave. Seriously. Yes I get it, it sucks to be close to an airport, and everyone in the government is inept and so on. I get it. And, I fully believe it. But why spend so much of your Time and Energy fighting back for what you have instead of moving somewhere else and start all over again? I guess it’s a little harder if you’re 80++ years old and you sort of want to chill, but this is how life works. 

I surely wouldn’t bother to pay all the legal fees and wait for some sentence to rule against my favor. 

And even if the sentence ruled *in my favor*, do you think the government would do anything about that? Absolutely not. They’d find another way to keep the fighter jets there, which means that essentially the disturbance wouldn’t go away anytime soon. 

I just know this because I’ve seen how my own government works. 

And herein is my point; If you know how your adversary works, if you know all the dirty little tricks they have up their sleeve and you know they do not hesitate to use those tricks, why would you even bother spending your time fighting for something you cannot repair? 

The juice is literally just not worth the squeeze. 

Sometimes it’s better to admit defeat and move on. 

Hey, there’s a reason why I do not own a house or some property, at the very least just yet. Something about unfair taxes, expenses and nearly all sorts of restrictions of freedom. That kind of thing is just not for me. 

Feel me? 

If you do, and if you have a similar disturbance around you, in your life, ask yourself if it’s really worth standing up against if you know you’re fighting a losing battle. 

Why not use your Time and Energy and move on to the next thing? 

I guess everyone is different and I can only wish that neighbor group well. I surely don’t want to be them, that’s for sure. 

Anyway, to end on a more proactive note, if you’re wasting your Time and Energy, whether on fighting jets or not, I have a lil’ something which you’ll get FOR FREE the minute you opt into my email list. 

And that lil’ something is my ebook which at 28 pages shows you all the different ways I’ve devised and hatched for dealing with Time Thieves, Energy Vampires, Distraction Elimination and much, much more. 

In fact in contains most, if not all the valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past 22 or so years of my life. 

I guess I should perhaps have named it ’22 years of TEP [Time and Energy Protection]’ or some such. 

I don’t know. 

What I do know is that I’ll make things really simple for you. 

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