Why you should watch more movies and TV shows

A little thing about time which I hear no one else is preaching about. 

And that is the simple fact about giving yourself less time deliberately to force yourself to work faster. 

Case in point: I once had a 2–3 hours extra to spare one morning. I could have gotten up earlier and really enjoyed the extra time I had, so that I wouldn’t rush or didn’t have to work extra fast. But instead? I actually chose to sleep in [it was well deserved by the way], so that when I woke up I just had to get *right to work*. And guess what? I got way more things done than what I normally would have done, because I’d be sitting there wondering what in the world I would spend all that extra time on. 

Actually, this brings forth another point: 

When you work so fast and efficient, you get so much more done, but you end up sometimes having these vacant time slots where you do not have any planned activity. 

This is a very good sign. 

It means you aren’t fully done unleashing your potential for the day. Think about all the possible activities you may be doing. Think about everything you can do and all the skills you can master when you have so much more time during the day. And when you really work fast and hard, over time, you usually get much better in said skill. It’s just going to happen. You just need, ironically speaking, more time to do it. 

And that’s really all I have to say right now. 

Try it out, test it and let me know how things go. 

Btw., this is *NOT* an excuse or a reason for you to routinely ‘sleep in’ or some such. In my unique case, this worked. If I knew I had other tasks planned for the day that would possibly take up a large portion of my day, I probably wouldn’t have done it. Then I’d allow myself to watch some sort of interview or even a movie to deliberately killing time so that I would force myself to work faster. In that rare case I guess watching a movie might be justified. Just to set the tone for your work ethic and speed. 

I think you understand. 

And if you don’t, and you’d like to know more about this topic, plus finding out how you can deal with the nasty Energy Vampires, Time Thieves and basically everything else that eats off your Time and Energy…

…There’s always the possibility of reading my FREE ebook on Time and Enegy, where I go into a lot of tips and tricks on how to save Time and Energy, but also how to *CREATE* Energy out of thin air! 

So many people are struggling to do this nowadays, and the simple fact is, it’s pretty easy to do once you know how. I’ll give you a little secret. It’s all about your smile and your eye contact and how that other person is perceiving you. 

Test it, try it out and if you’d like to know more, go check out my 28 pages of golden gems which you’ll get if you opt into my email list. 

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