I knew this bloke was an EV

Long story short: 

I once had a job at a place where some dude was working who displayed every single sign of being an EV: 

* Fat and didn’t really care about being that 

* Lazy and was always looking for reasons to do less work 

* Workwise delivered way below expectancy and was always looking to for shortcuts 

* Always talked about food and always looked for a reason to take ‘five minutes over the water cooler’ or some such instead of working 

And the list went on and on and on. 

Typical EV behavior in many ways, only he didn’t really show me a definitive sign of being an EV until some months in. I have to say I was really surprised in the beginning, only to find out that not only did my ways of identifying EVs apply, they were rock solid in so many ways. 

And, as an email subscriber, you are now privy to learning a trait which I haven’t properly described in any of my free material because it is simply too efficient and too good to be given away to the non-doing jackasses which always want something for FREE only to commit refusing to commit to nothing.

I have people like that all the time hovering above me. 

Anyway, here goes; 

An EV will always comment on, or make fun, of, any perceived flaw or imperfection which they believe you possess. They will sooner or later point it out to you in a non-flattering way and use it to make you feel bad. 

In other words, they’ll claim the moral high ground because they do not possess said flaw (but they’re possessing plenty of others). 

Call it inverse flattery if you will. Bullying. Whatever. I do not really care. I just call it proper EV behavior and an excellent occasion for them to show the world who they really are. 

In this case the bloke was pointing out something which always makes life a wee bit more challenging to me. 

Namely my local accent. You see, I speak an old fashioned, old skool and arcane dialect of my language which means I pronounce words and names quite differently than most people. I also use words that very few other people use and conjugate verbs differently. If you know, you know, if you don’t, you don’t. 

I guess some sort of international equivalent would be if you’re in USA and you’re from The Deep South and you have that typical southern accent. Or if you’re in UK and you speak proper Geordie. Perhaps. I wouldn’t know really. Anyway, that should give you a light idea of where I’m going with this. 

It is a ‘flaw’ I really do not consider a flaw, but more like a way to weed out people whom I know I do not like. 

Including Energy Vampires. You see, EV’s will *always* mock, imitate, comment and point out my local dialect in a very rude, impolite and scornful way. Oftentimes passive. Many years around people have taught me certain signs. 

In this case it was quite simple.

We were talking about another colleague of ours who was absent at the time. Let’s call him John for the sake of anonymity. 

I said something like this: 

‘Yeah, I think John’ll be back in 10′ or some such. 

‘John?’ the EV said, *mimicking my pronunciation of the name in a most bad way whilst looking serious*. 

The looking serious part is important. Anyone who’d mimick and imitate me just for fun would smile, laugh and make it pleasant. This guy didn’t. His facial expression was dead serious. There was no smile. There was no inviting body language. And so on. 

In other words, he was really saying; ‘Yeah, so actually speak normally and do not use your dumb accent because it sounds so ridiculous *rolling my eyes*.’

An EV through and through.

And I was *so* happy he identified as such. 

It meant I now could go on about using my EV elimination processes which are…

…oh wait, I can’t say that unless you actually book a call with me. You see, there are levels to this game, and I can’t reveal everything in a simple article. 

There are levels to this game. And, a lot can be seen in my FREE ebook which will give you no less than 21 Ways to Retain and Create Energy from nothing! That’s right. Nothing! A lot of these ways might seem obvious to you, only they actually do work. So why use anything fancy if you can get away with mastering the basics? 

The book also weighs in at a whopping 28 pages. 

Sounds good, right?

Anyway, I won’t keep you waiting for very much longer. 

If you’re interested in learning and knowing more, click the following link and follow instructions: www.aaryningen.com

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