Does Camp KO Huberman? Let’s see…

I want to talk a little bit on the topic of passion. 

And specifically how it relates to what you do in life. How virtually everything you do becomes so much easier to do irregardless of you ‘being in the mood’ for something or not. You see, I talk to a lot of people every single day. Most of them either give me some sob story about how they’re ‘not motivated’ to do XYZ or why they need to do ABC first in order to do what they *really* should be doing. 

In other words, they are giving me their lame reasons for why they are procrastinating. 

I once heard the great Andrew Huberman on his podcast speak to this topic. He said a lot, and I won’t get into all the details right here [go listen to it yourself], but one thing he did say was to do something which is more uncomfortable for you in the moment, than the very thing you were supposed to do in the first place. The idea is to ‘motivate’  your brain through discomfort or even pain. 

The example he used was to go take an ice bath or a cold shower if you’re delaying a typical chore, like cleaning the house or something. 

Now, I could go on and on about how cleaning the house is a low-life activity and how it doesn’t relate to anything that will take you to the next level in life. 

Because quite frankly, it won’t. Listen, if you don’t ‘want’ to clean the house, then go pay someone to do it. Or do it yourself and know that this activity will bring you closer to your goals because you are taking care of an essential need that doesn’t go away no matter how much you dislike doing it. It’s kind of like paying the mechanic to go fix your car or go grocery shopping if you’re broke and you’re in dire need for food. Not fun, but highly essential, and it will indeed take you closer to your goals. After all, y’gotta drive your car and eat to run your business and to live life, right? 

Anyway, enter more Jim Camp wisdom. 

Especially something he wrote about in his great book ‘Start with no’. 

Namely ‘payside’ and ‘non-payside’ activities. In other words, is what I am currently doing taking me closer to my goals? Will I become stronger? Will I make more money from it? Does it free up my Time and Energy so I can relentlessly work faster on my *real* goals? All of those questions are necessary to ask yourself if you’re looking for growth. 

Especially if you’re thinking about conquest. 

Where I personally think Huberman is more on the defensive side and looking for reasons to justify boring work using pain or discomfort as a motivator, I see Jim Camp simply rewiring your brain into thinking ‘Is this going to make me more money down the line?’ 

Ie. if my house is so dirty and messed up, and I really can’t afford to hire a maid and the whole thing stinks and reeks, will cleaning this mess up and keep my environment clean and neat free up more time long term so I can promote myself and work on my business? 

Absolutely it will!

Because working on my business is something that will PAY me and which I am most passionate about. 

So I am therefore extremely motivated to rid myself of all the obstacles. 

Plus, the more I am able to free up my time to work on my business, the more time I get to spend on things that make me money, so that I can pay someone to do menial chores like the aforementioned house cleaning and other boring tasks, which means I can make *even more money*. 

*That* is something I am most passionate about. 

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s a KO for team Camp. 

No hard feelings or ill will towards Huberman, but this is just the way it is. 

Passion is the root for all Energy creation in your head, and when you start looking at things you *can do* to remove obstacles from your life, it is no longer a question about what or why, but about when. 

This is the beginning of P4 which involves Passion, Persistence, Power and Purpose. 

Anyway, I’ll speak to that later on. 

For now, just roll with how passion and payside activities should kill everything that has to do with procrastination. 

Also, I’d be remiss to say I’m a huge fan of Huberman and what he talks about, and in the episode I’m referring to he did say a lot of other stuff, it was just this tiny trickle of what I personally believe is a defensive way of thinking I had to comment on. 

Also, with that being said, should you lack proper passion in life and you need to prioritze your Time and Energy…

…you could always check out my FREE ebook with 28 pages of golden wisdom, involving everything from freeing up your time, finding the right sort of people to be around, and last but not least, saving your Time And Energy.

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