Meditation doesn’t help you reach your goals…

…and neither does it produce any tangible results.

I know I’m probably not going to get any new fans saying this. In fact, I can already hear people in the distance shouting out loud; ‘MEDITAITON HELPED ME CLEAN UP MY LIFE AND MADE ME A BETTER PERSON!’ whilst quoting some old Wim Hof Breathing method and some Hindu or Buddhist writings.

That’s not to take a dump on Wim Hof and certainly not The Hindu and Buddhist religions. As a Man of Faith myself I respect anyone’s creed. Including the Wim Hof fanboys. I’m sure he’s a good guy. I just haven’t seen anyone who’s a sucessful millionaire say he achieved all of his accolades by practicing breathing and meditation techniques 10 hours a day.

Yeah I’m sure some meditation a couple of minutes a day helps you *focus* better. For sure. It’s just not my schtick. And certainly it doesn’t help me get closer to my goals. I know this because I have tried it.

Meditation certainly doesn’t help slow down Time or create Energy out of thin air. Nor does it help Time and Energy Protection [TEP].

If you want to meditate, keep on doing it. Best of luck. I’m just not going to teach it to you.

To end this rant on a positive note, here is what I *am* going to teach you;

Proper TEP through proven methods and ways that I have spent a lifetime creating as well as hundreds of thousands of dollars. Blood, sweat and tears as well. Which absolutely work.

Yeah, I’m referring to my big, fat ebook which contains 28 pages of jam-packed solid golden nuggets on how to create Energy out of Thin Air as well as properly protecting your Time. In other words, how to *really* conduct TEP. 

And the good part is, I’ll give it to you FOR FREE if you join my email list. 

All y’gotta do is literally clicking the link right here and follow instructions:

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