On showing the insulter attention…

…why do you even bother doing it?

And more importantly, why did you even get into such a situation in the first place? What sort of toxic people do you stay around? Why do you give them your Time and Your Energy? Aren’t you actively practicing Time and Energy Protection [TEP]? I haven’t done so yet, but I am very tempted to do so, and that is to write commandments of TEP. Perhaps I should do that at a later time and release it for FREE to this email list [still mulling this over]. At the very least I am taking notes.

Anyway, let’s get back to what I was talking about initally.

Why are you around people in the first place who would insult you? That is the *ultimate* sign of an Energy Vampire [EV]. Do you have no self-respect at all? This is literally you not striving to get the most out of your life.

See, aside from being in great physical shape, having lots of money, connections and privileges, having the right kind of people around you, who lift you up and who want you to succeed, is perhaps THE most important thing in the world.

This literally manifested itself for me in the boxing gym the other day. For practical purposes I had brought with me my kettlebells so I could do some weighted cardio exercises before I was about to do my boxing. I was *really* struggling lifting the kettlebells during this session though. It was one of those tougher days. The days when you FEEL you want to give up, but you just got to push through with it. Right as I had my darkest moment and felt sorry for myself, another guy showed up for a little training himself. I happen to love this guy and he always pushes me inside the ring when we’re sparring. Him walking in right as I was struggling boosted my Energy and made me finish my training session in literally no time. At least that’s what it felt like. Call it a placebo effect. Call it Divine Intervention. Call it whatever you’d like. I like to call it Instant Energy. From an EE [Energy Enabler]. Someone who I actually enjoy being around. Someone who makes me smile.

See how it helps you *SO* much being around people whose company you appreciate and who appreciate you?

This is 100% real!


I have *NO* problems whatsoever offering EE’s a little more of my Time and Energy when I’m running late. Because it really feels like I’m gaining more Time when I’m around such people.

Try it out yourself. And even better, BECOME an EE to other people in your life as well. Become a useful asset. It is with people you’ll like that you’ll do business.

Yes this is a quote from a television show, more precisely ‘Mad Men’, but it holds true. I know it because I practice it myself. Here is the quote, albeit a little paraphrased;

‘Half of business comes down to I don’t like this guy.’

In other words, would you do business with someone who just rubs you the wrong way, with whom you really don’t get along with and who you really do not respect? Who doesn’t even respect you? Who ends up insulting you?

I know I wouldn’t.

Unless we’re talking literal life changing money, I’d probably opt out. It all depends of course. And sometimes you just have to bite the bullet. But people who aren’t pleasant to be around usually don’t end up having your best interest at hand.

So whilst the short-term gain might be great, the long-term gain might be smaller.

Or even non-existent.

That’s at the very least my experience in life.

Anyway, to end on a positive note…should you find yourself being entangled in the quagmire of disrespectful EV’s, I am more than happy to offer salvation through my FREE ebook which you’ll get when you opt into my email list. 

A huge portion of the book and what I overall preach is increasing your happiness levels and overall general mood to weed out the naysayers and do-nothing loser dorks who do their best to make you feel worthless. 

We all know how useless such people can be, right? 

So, that’s why I decided to create a product to help people navigate their way out of all the discomfort in their lives when it comes to dealing with toxic people. 

Give it a read and take advantage of all the perks and benefits I [occasionally] give my email list. 

Click this link and follow instructions: www.aaryningen.com

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