Lack of sleep = fatness and unhappiness

Gonna make this short and sweet.

If you wake up with determination in your eyes every single day, you shouldn’t be struggling to get up in the morning. I know exactly what I’m talking about in this regard, because I am absolutely qualified to do so. I used to be one those guys who would take all the success porn guru advice about sleeping only 4 hours a night, wake up and meditate, drink black coffee, take a cold shower, read a book on mindset or something, thinking that my coffee-induced zombie state would take me anywhere closer to money.

Which it didn’t, of course.

All it did was take me closer to a state of constant discombobulation. Like in I was mixing up words, forgetting things, misplacing stuff and overall couldn’t function properly. Because I was tired and sleepy and my blood sugar levels weren’t ideal, I would resort to eating processed carbohydrates which again caused me to put on weight.

Yes I was training hard and working out. But I was still a fat whale walking around, thinking I had everything in check.

Which I of course did not not.

So yes, I am saying that lack of sleep can make you fat. Just because you aren’t living your lie properly and being the best version of yourself. Nowadays I am up early, I go to bed early, I do not crave anything sugary [sometimes I do, we’re all human], but the cravings aren’t as intense as they used to be previously.

But another thing I’d like to bring up, is how me being fat actually caused me to becoming unhappy. Because I would look at pictures of myself and deep down having to realize that I really was a fat, obese and ugly looking whale. I wasn’t strong, durable, good looking and all those things I kept telling myself, knowing I deep down would lie. I was in a miserable relationship, things weren’t going well and life was just a drag.

I didn’t take myself or my happiness, not to mention the ENERGY levels and my TIME seriously. My TEP [Time and Energy Protection] was seriously out of whack.

I didn’t really go anywhere in life. I didn’t really produce anything. I didn’t really focus on MYSELF.

Which is precisely what all the EV’s [Energy Vampires] in your life want. They WANT you to be sad and miserable. Because when you are, you are an easy victim. You are easy to control. You are easy to influence. And quite likely you’ll retort to what I did, which was listening to the nonsense I was being told about ‘not going to the gym today because you’re always training’. This is EXACTLY the sort of verbiage and nonsense they throw in your face.

Do not listen to them.

Do not give The EV’s in your life power. Assume TEP and if you’re having a hard time doing this, it might be time to let some of the people in your life go. As in cutting them loose.

And speaking on cutting people loose and getting back your Time and Energy…

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