Candy, Alcohol and Demons

Yesterday I talked about Jimmy and the snowmen.

Today I’ll switch the topic over to something completely different. Namely about how good I feel after I’ve indulged in some candy.

Here is my confession: I love chocolate. I can easily go weeks if not months without indulging in it. But when I first do, I consume a lot of it. Like in unheard of quantities. My reasoning for doing so is that is tastes so good and I know I’ll want more after having had one piece of it. So why not allow myself to actually eat more of it within a strictly limited time period? As in, when that time period is up, I cannot have any more of it.

And let’s say I choose to indulge in chocolate every week.

For 6 days I cannot or will not touch it.

The one day of the week I will.

But on my ‘sweets day’ [I need to credit Chris DiStefano who, when he was on Joe Rogan, would talk about his sweets day] I’m allowed to eat whatever I want.

That means when I walk past those temptations on other days of the week I can easily say no.

I know I have my sweets day to look forward to.

Plus, you know that sweets and sugary taste are designed to want you have more of it? I forgot who said it. Some health guru somewhere. Perhaps it was Andrew Huberman. I’m going to go with that. Not sure if he’ll appreciate me dragging him into this conversation, but here we are. He said something about how when you have dessert after a dinner, and that desert is sweet tasting, the mechanisms inside your head for telling you that you are full sort of ‘shut off’ and make you want to have more. Kind of like when you’re drinking alcohol and you just can’t stop drinking anymore. So why bother fighting against it? Why not accept that if this is how sweets work, allow yourself to stuff yourself full of them and see how this turns out. To me it works perfectly. I’m not saying that this is health advice or anything. But plenty of people I know and have talked to, use this way of going on about their sweets. So if they can, why can’t you?

Plain and simple, what stops you from allowing yourself some time to indulge in all your vices? 

Doesn’t need to be candy or alcohol. Can be hiking. Going for a trip. Driving your car. Watching a fight. Or a movie. Or some such. But when you do it, you go all in on it.

No half-assing it.

No ‘I’m only going to indulge in it because I do not deserve going full in on it.’

If you do not deserve or have earned your full indulgence in whatever vice you request, then leave it be. Go back and do the necessary work you have to do in order to full take some time off to enjoy whatever you will be doing.

After all, why book a vacation and only be able to pay for the cheapest seats in the peanut gallery? The low class hotels and none of the other, expensive, but worth it, trips? Would you really go on a vacation if all you are doing is looking for ways to save money?

I would not.

I’d rather stay at home and make so much money I *could* afford to actually go abroad and do whatever I’d please.

Anyway, I think you get the point.

If you allow The Energy Vampire [EV] which is guilt and shame to *prevent* you from living a happy and interesting life, you are doing life wrong.

Do not fall victim to this old mentality.

Wherever you’re watching or listening to someone who preaches about health and saving money.

Usually they are unhappy as can be.

Anyway, I’m done yapping for the day.

Or at least for now.

Should you require more, I’m happy to tell you that you can start by smiling and being happy. Yes, that is the best way to beat all the negative vibes around you. In fact, whenever you meet someone who feel and act depressed and they are negative, with a smile, you beat them in so many ways. 

You lead by example. 

You show that there is hope in the world. 

And people would like to be more around you. 

Anyway, I could go on and on, but I think the best way of showing you what I mean is by giving you the option to read my big, fat 28-page MONSTER of an ebook that you’ll get for free when you opt in to my email list. 

Sounds interesting?


Just click the link in my bio to get started and follow instructions. 

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