Beware a good ole’ rant!

Y’ know what one of the worst things I see is?

People not really taking their Time and Energy seriously.

I usually walk fast when I’m out and about. Whether I’m going grocery shopping, having my car fixed, off to training or whatever I’m doing, I like to do things fast. Because time is literally running out. The old adagage about ‘Time doesn’t go, it comes’ is utter nonsense. Look at the people saying that. They are unhappy, they aren’t sucessful and they’re certainly not living a happy life.

I *literally* do not have the time to be around such slow people.

Especially people who are on their phones all the time.

Now pause for a second here.

I am also on my phone pretty much all the time. If I’m not in front of my laptop working on something, I’ll be on my phone, doing whatever stuff I have to do. Like I’ve said before, I’m using my phone as a tool and not as a toy. This means I do not have any games on my phone, and I do not use it to scroll meaninglessly on social media. Instead I use it to promote myself on social media and in general to produce more content.

See, that’s what I’m beginning to pick up as an emerging pattern.

I still walk nearly *as fast as usual* when I’m on my phone because my body language is different.

I have proper stance.

My back isn’t arched. My voice is still firm. I even write grammatically correct language even though I’m on the fly.

It is because I need to be a professional when I’m writing content on social media.

Everything needs to be spot on, be flawless. From the way I walk to the way I express myself.

Contrast that to these lazy amoebas you see prodding around, dragging their obese arses from the candy store to some bus or metro they’re waiting for. They do not even own their own vehicles. All they do is consume. Even transport. They’re not in charge of their own life.

Life is in charge of them.

Energy Vampires through and through.

And certainly their TEP [Time and Energy Protection] needs work.

Speaking of which, if *you* need work on your TEP, there’s always my FREE book which comes with a lot of knowledge, jam-packed at 28 pages. I’ll give you that book, as I said, FOR FREE when you sign up for my email list. All y’gotta do is…

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