7 Red Flags Of EV’s

I’d like to talk about disqualifying people. 

It is a strategy I have used for a long period of time in my life. As a result of doing so, I now have  a lot of positive, upbringing people around me, and I efficiently know how how to deal with Energy Vampires.  [EV’s]

That is to say, it’s not like I never engage with EV’s. 

Of course I do. We’re all human and everywhere I go, people are prone to stealing my Time and Energy. 

But, since I keep the following system of ‘Red Flags’ going, my life has become, and will become easier. 

Now, I’d also like to emphasize that this works best on Lower Level Energy Vampires [LLEVs] as opposed to the Higher Level Energy Vampires [HLEVs]. Reason is, HLEVs are more sophisticated, clever, and are better at mimicking their idols.

Remember, *ALL* EV’s have idols in one way or another. 

Alright, with that being said, let’s  go ahead and visit the *SOME* of the Red Flags:

  • They’re fat
  • They’re gossiping behind you and other people’s backs
  • They’re using psychological methods and belittling to make you feel small
  • They refuse to work or Give anything for free
  • Their entire lives are centered around being a taker, instead of a giver
  • They’re oftentimes charming and ‘nice’, only to drag you into deep waters
  • They are surprisingly inept and rely mostly on others to do even basic tasks

And that’s that for now.

There is a much longer, and more extensive list. 

I ain’t going to visit that list right now. Perhaps at a later time, though. For now, you have a lot of things to look after when it comes to EV’s.

Now, keep in Mind to not be completely autistic about this. 

If someone is fat and they’re clearly working on slimming down *AND* they do not check off any other box in that list, they’re clearly not an EV if they change.

Same goes for skillsets.

If nothing else in checks, *except* their lack of skill, they know it, and they’re working on it, you can safely assume they’re not EVs.

The World isn’t Black and White. There are Gray spaces between.

Also, a lot of people have these traits, as part of their personality.

Anyway, I’ll leave it on that note.

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I really don’t know Why I am giving it away for free, but here we are. 


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