The Case For Being A Nice Guy

Once again, I am going contrarian.

Especially when it comes to people in the space that I frequent the most. The whole ‘money making online’, ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘biz opp’ niche. A lot of these people have such bloated egos, they really think they cannot associate themselves with anyone else who’s not ‘on their level’ or not someone who follow the same Path. 

Case in point;

I was once talking with someone who’s in ‘my space of The Internet. Y’know, someone who’s actually trying to ‘make it’ by making money online. One of these guys who see past all the nonsense being regurgitated throughout the news media. 

Ie. like most of the people on this list. 

However, he still had an ordinary job.

And he really didn’t want to talk to the other people at his job. I also Believe he had the option of having a home office. Which meant he didn’t have to go there and be around his coworkers and colleagues. 

In his own words [paraphrased];

‘I’m just so tired of hanging out with these orndinary, average people.’ 

Which is totally understandable. 

As long as you consider it your Mission to make them conform to your standards. You shouldn’t do that. You cannot or should not, bother to ‘save’ anyone or ‘tell’em how things really are.’ 

Like Dale Carnegie wrote in one of his books [I think it was ‘How to Win Friends And Influence People’, but not quite sure]; 

‘A Man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.’ 

In other words, do not even engage in that regard. 

Instead, smile, be pleasant, be nice and polite to people and when anything Which resembles an obstacle pops up, like lunch hour, going out for drinks or any sort of social gathering that you know will eat of your precious Time and Energy, you say no.

You excuse yourself, politely.

And because you usually are nice to people and let them have their say and listen to their inane gossip and silly jokes…

…you can *EASILY* get away with working on yourself or doing other productive things instead of partaking in the dumbassery your peers engage in.

Best of all: you save yourself TIME AND ENERGY by actually being nice to people because they’re not going to bother ‘checking in’ on what you’re doing or ‘keeping an eye’ on you because you’re sus.

Try it and see how it works for you.

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