A Voice of Wonder?

Something I have thought about lately;


How your voice sounds versus how you actually perform in life. 

Most people with meek, soft voices usually underperform. Not only that but they also have few, if any aspirations in life. They are content. Both with their voices and their non-accomplishments.

Obviously I am telling you to abstain from these people.

And yes, I am aware of execeptions. There are always some exceptions. But a couple of outliers do not hamper the pattern. 

In contrast, enter the accomplishers.

Those who actually want more.

Those who consider it their Mission to level up in life. Those who aren’t satisfied with their planned lotment in life. For a lot of reasons I am Getting into at a later point, these people also use proper language. As in they actually are able to Express themselves in more ways than one. And they sound good while doing it. 

Both their voices and their language command respect. 

And because of that, they actually force themselves to level up. 

Because they know they cannot live without doing. 

Saying is one thing. 

Uttering an opinion is easy.

Implementing it is hard. 

Especially over time.

If you use your voice and language to aid you, you’ll find it makes your whole life simpler. 

Because you *have* to what you said.

Else you sound like a dumb fool. 

And there are plenty of them out there.

Do not be Like them.

Speak clearly and concisely AND take action. 

In so doing, you enforce TEP [Time and Energy Protection].

Speaking of TEP, if you’re interested in learning more about it, I suggest you pick up your FREE Copy of my ebook which you’ll get when you sign up for my email list.

The link to do so is right here: www.aaryningen.com

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