Going a little contrarian for a while…

I’m going a little ‘Doom and Gloom’ right now, because there are some things y’all need to understand.

One of the best ways to save Time And Energy that I know about is to cut out the people around you who negatively contribute to your growth. 

As in, removing the time wasters. 

At first, you’re going to have a little fun doing it. Life becomes better. There’s less nagging involved. No more neediness. No more clinging. No more annoyance. But then after a while, if you follow through with this way of living, you’re going to realize that your life actually gets lonely. As in, you do not have anyone around you who properly live according to your own standards. 

That is, if you’re not doing anything about it of course. 

Yeah, you have friends, you have people who you know, trust and like. But are they part of your immediate circle? Or can you become part of theirs? Do you want to become part of theirs? Are you on the same page? Do you have the same goals? Do your lifestyles align? 

I’ve met a lot of people on my journey in life. And, since I’m so lucky that my journey in life started at a fairly young age, I’ve yet to meet a lot of new people. Which I’m looking forward to. But the instant satisfaction, the overwhelming joy, the childish happiness I once acquired for finding someone who just *did not live their life according to the normal standards of society, is pretty much gone. 

As in, if I meet with someone and I learn that they too, do not align with the rest of society, they’ve merely passed the first ‘test.’

Because I have plenty of them. 

And trust me when I say it, they have served me quite well over the years. I keep track of who’s living their life according to my standards and who’s not. And, for some inexplicable reason, the higher I set the bar, the higher the quality of people I attract to my life. 

Now, that doesn’t mean they all have to be like me. 

Of course not. 

That would be silly. Nobody wants another copy of themselves in their own life. 

But, your friends and your immediate circle should at the very least be on the same mission as you. Make similar sacrifices as you. Foregoing the same joys in the moment as you. 

And this is where I’ve learned many a lesson. 

Over and over again. 

It usually goes like this: You meet with someone new, they’re a really good talker, they say they enjoy the same things as you and dislike the same things as you. They say they want to ‘change their lives’ or some such. They also say they’re ‘so tired of everyone else around them, because they’re just in a bubble’ or some such. 

Then what follows is…

…usually nothing. They end up letting you down, as well. Because there is a stark difference  between their words and their actions. Because they’re so used to talk and talk a lot, they haven’t really put in the work. They do not let their actions talk for them. See, I’m more that kind of guy. I know I talk a lot, and I will talk some more. But behind all that talk there are layers upon layers upon layers of hard work. 

A large pile of wins, sure. 

But even more important, and even more larger, nay, gargantuan, is my large pile of mistakes, fails and errors I’ve committed over the years. 

And because I am humble and honest, both before myself and others, I tend to focus more on the bigger pile, rather than the small pile. 

That’s because that’s where most of my lessons lay hidden. 

More, I’ve actually learned something else over the years. Since it gets lonely at the top when you cut out people who constantly disappoint and let you down, you actually need some ‘normie friends’ or whatever you’d like to call them. Just to spend some time away from all the work, and also because you have to realize, people are wired differently. 

Not everyone is built for conquering. 

And that’s fine. 

I just prefer to be around those who want to achieve great success because that’s where I am myself. But if you cannot accept that other people do not necessarily have that dream and that they’re happy being stuck at a $100,000 annual salary with a car loan and a house mortgage going abroad twice a year or so, your life is going to be *really* sad. 

And that’s actually one of the most important takeaways I’ve had over the years as I’m guarding my time and energy well. 

Allow for some normalcy in your life, else everything gets so serious. 

That doesn’t mean you have to conform, accept or adapt to mediocrity. But you surely can taste it a little. 

It just makes your hard work when you’re around other killers so much sweeter and glorious. 

1% improvement every day. 

And with that being said, if you are interested in knowing MORE about constant improvement, cutting out time wasters from your life, guarding yourself with Energy and overall becoming a better and more happy human being, check out…

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It contains a lot of secrets.

I’ll let you in on one of them now:

‘Avoid anyone who wants to label you something because of your views. They are projecting their own insecurities and self-hatred on you and have nothing to offer you except grief. Nothing is 100%. Especially when it comes to human behavior. Avoid the energy thieves.’

Follow this Rule and I guarantee you’ll be a better and overall more fulfilled and happy person.

Oh, and that’s just one of 20 Rules of Energy!

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