Instant Morning Energy Hacks

Let’s get right to it:

i) Get up from bed when the alarm goes, do not sleep in. 

ii) Do 300 or so pushups divided into sets of 20. 

iii) Drink at least 1-1.5 L of water. 

iv) Check your phone and do stuff in between sets. 

v) Drink black coffee after about half an hour or so of waking up. 

Rinse and repeat for several days. 

Now, of course you may vary this routine a little bit. Perhaps you want to do lunges, squats, situps instead. Whatever floats your boat. I personally prefer push ups because I find them so brutally tough, especially in the morning. 

Your body is a little elastic from a good night’s sleep, and all of a sudden you’re throwing it into war!

Instant reminder of who you really are. 

A soldier on the battlefield. 

I could probably have added something about cold showers there as well, but I prefer to make things easy. 

As in, I do not believe so much in cold showers as I do in cold baths or some such. And, I believe more in exercising than exposing my body to extreme temperatures. Again, whatever floats your boat. Do cold showers if you like doing them. 

And that’s one of my *many* morning routines. 

Try it, see if it works and let me know how it goes. 

Also, my FREE ebook with loads of other tips and tricks on how to save your Time and Energy is available if you sign up for my email list.

All y’gotta do is click this link and follow instructions:

See you there.

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