Why you must disqualify more people from your life

I thought about something. 

And that is the fact that most Energy Vampires who want more of what you have and what you do, hardly ever bring anything of value to the table. They all think that they deserve getting such and such treat because they see other people have. They see you have all the things that you want because you have put in a great deal of work getting it. And now they think they are entitled to the same spoils of war just because they see you having what you want. They think you are ‘showing off’ or ‘being fake’, but the reality is, they’re just bitter. 

After seeing it happen over and over again I just have to say it. 

Most of these people have no achievements. They haven’t even put in the work. And they didn’t even want to put in the work in the first place. Because, when you got up early in the morning and put in the work, they slept in. When you took your chances and invested in a risky business venture or built your business, they played video games. When you walked up to those girls and did your best to charm them, they were too scared to even look at the girls. 

So on and so forth. 

Do you see a pattern here? I see it all the time. And, this is the reason why I’m getting ruthlessly stricter with my Time And Energy and actually am starting to disqualify people from my life because of lack of achievements. Call it standards. Call it new rules. Whatever you want. 

But, if you haven’t even bothered to put in the work to really acquire something, why would I waste my time with you? What’s the benefit for me? How does this make my life better? Do you understand why I am asking you these queations?

And do you understand why you must ask the same questions of people around you? 

Why you must cut out people who do not meet certain achievements or at the very least show a will to obtain those achievements? 

Why you have to consider your *OWN* Time and Energy Protection [TEP] first, and do not worry about ‘letting other people down’ or whatever nonsense they’ll use to justify their shortcomings? 

Why you need to consider yourself first? 

If you understand what I mean so far, good. It means you actually take what I have to say to heart. Hopefully you’ll start implementing it as well. And if you have problems doing so…

…well then I am happy to announce that you need to spread Energy, Positivity and Happiness around you and where you go.

You can do that by reading The 21 Ways To Retain Your Energy which is just a small fraction of all the knowledge I give away for FREE in the ebook you’ll get if you subscribe to my email list.

Simply click the link in my bio and follow the instructions.

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