5 Time Saving Tricks

Plain and simple, 

I decided it was time to go ‘back to basics’ and talk a little bit about what I do to save my time and what I’ve seen a lot of successful people do over the years to save their time as well. 

Note that there isn’t anything ‘magic’ or ‘revolutionizing’ about what I’m about to tell you, a lot of if you perhaps know yourself. Then again I see so many people who complain about their lost time and they fail to implement these very rudimentary things and basic stuff. Life really goes in circles for some. 

I should also note, if you are completely broke and you have no money whatsoever to pay for services, hiring people and so on, best fix that first. In fact, if money is a legitimate issue, I’d like you to stop reading this email right now and fix your money troubles. Even if it takes you several years. I do not preach to the broke, I preach to the ones who already have some money and who are happy to invest it. Because they consider money for what it really is. A tool. And that’s that. Nothing more fancy, nothing more particular. 

So, let’s just jump straight into it: 

i) Outsource and pay for services: And by services and outsourcing you should already know what I mean. Hiring accountants or accountant firms, tax lawyers, maids, landscapers, mechanics for your car and so on. I’m at a point where even smaller tasks such as replacing my windshield wipers and so on, I want someone to do it for me. Because it saves up so much time. All those hours I spent changing tyres, changing the oil, doing whatever with my car. Not mention doing the accounting for my own business. It was time I could have spent doing something else. 

ii) Spend your time around people who deserve it: As in rich people, important people, influential people and so on. This actually means what a lot of people find reasons to avoid: Actually paying a lot of money to go to these masterminds or conferences or whatever they’re called and then network with the important people. Sometimes it works, sometimes it backfires. Every time you learn something new. So your money is well invested. And, at the same time, actually stay away from those people who do nothing but bringing you down. They’re not worth your time and they’re not contributing to your growth as a whole. 

iii) Use social media, and all sorts of media, for production, not consumption. If you have to consume media, both traditional and social, do it with intent. Instead of reading and getting engaged in endless Twatter debates, you actually write insightful tweets. Instead of scrolling on Insta you post cool posts. Instead of consuming the news media, you use it as a means of laughter and joy. I regard it purely as comedy at this point. If there’s a *real* pressing issue like war or a terror attack, other people will let me know. Instead, I smile at the words, then I look at the sun shining outside and the birds singing. Isn’t life beautiful if you stop giving the media the power it wants so badly? 

iv) Look at your own accomplishments so far and use them as a springboard for regarding yourself in the future and how Great you are going to become. If you compare yourself to other people all the time, you’ll always be too far off. You’ll never be good enough. Now, I’m not saying you cannot be inspired by other people. I’m not saying you shouldn’t use their success as motivation. But, ultimately, you must compare yourself to your accomplishments so far and then be motivated to work even harder. This saves you endless amounts of wasted braincells. 

v) Say ‘no’ more often. It is a great way of filtering out people who you do not like in your life, and who weren’t going to bring anything useful to the table. If other people tell *you* no, it doesn’t necessarily mean they do not like you, they just aren’t into whatever idea you are suggesting. It’s a path that’s well worth exploring, especially when dealing with other people who you think might be a problem. Just reject them or their idea and see where it goes from there. I’m not saying you shouldn’t do it unless you mean it. Not at all. If you do that, you’re fake about it, they can smell it on you like fear, and you’ll come across as a fake. Actually reject things or ideas you do not like. It’s great way of others to prove themselves. And when they return to you [those who are valuable will], they’ve hopefully improved and they have a better idea or suggestion which saves you more time. 

So, there you have these 5 basic time saving tricks. 

Take them, use them, profit from them and let me know how they work for you. 

As always, should you request MORE information on TEP [Time and Energy Protection], I have a whole ebook dedicated for this thing.

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So…are you really sure you’d like to stop reading at this point *WITHOUT* checking my book?

It’s very simple.

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See you on the other side.

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