4 Life Essentials You’ve Probably Heard Before…Or Not?

I have always had an affinity for the raw basics. 

I am really a ‘meat and potatoes guy’ as well as an ‘getting your hands dirty and roll up your sleeves guy’ as well. Which means I am happy to preach the virtues of basic things in your life related to what I teach that most, if not everyone online seem to ignore. 

Let’s take the principle of time. I’ve previously attacked most of the time gurus who give generic advice. And make no mistake. I’m going to continue attacking them. So many of them are so full of nonsense. But, since everything starts with the basics and you need to learn how to crawl before you can stand erect on two legs and walk, I’m going to lace you with some of my own ‘personal basics.’ 

These are all tips and hacks that I’ve applied in my life which has freed up a lot of Time and Energy so that I am free to structure my day according to *my* liking. And, over the years, I’ve gotten to accomplish quite a lot of stuff compared to the average Joe Schmoe. 

Aight, so once again, this *is* a very basic checklist which means you’ve probably heard about it before, but chances are you’re either not doing it or you’re looking for excuses to start implementing it. Both of which won’t fly around ‘ere. 

So without further ado, here’s my basic checklist for saving Time and Energy in daily life: 

* I know my sleep schedule and how my body works. I usually go to bed at around 9:30 PM and get up at 5:30 AM in the morning. I function best before sunrise. I’m not at all a night owl. In fact, I’ve been experimenting with this way of living over quite a few years now. I’ve deliberately ‘slept in’ on the weekend to see if that helped. It did not. Not only that, but I’ve also tested different sleeping patterns. Sleeping 4-5 hours a night, for one week then maybe having a ‘sleep night’ where I sleep 12-13 hours. It *did work* to some degree, but by noon I was usually very tired and I had to take a power nap. Or two. Now, getting 8-9 hours of consistent sleep every night according to the circadian rhythm that suits me the best, I’m able to execute better, faster and more efficient. I like to get stuff out of the way as quickly as possible and that’s why I’m headed off to work right after I get up. 

* I keep a set of kettlebells and some mats close to my bed. I literally get to walk across the floor, pick up the kettlebells and start [literally] swingin’. After I’ve been to the bathroom and taken care of essentials of course. I keep my fridge loaded with water which has cooled over the night. Depending on how my day looks like, I start it off with training hard. That’s another thing I like to get out of the way. I just like training in the early mornings. I’ve never been an ‘afternoon workout bro’. And since my kettlebells are all prepared and setup, I get to jump straight into it. 

* I meal prep most, if not all of my meals. I keep plastic boxes, like Tupperware around and then I block out perhaps 4-5 hours one day of the week to cook and prep all the food. If I’m on the fly and am out travelling I either fast or have a snack. I’m usually very strict with my food intake, so I am ‘allowed’ to indulge in treats when I’m out travelling. This means I literally open a box and heat up the food when it’s time to eat. And it’s healthy food, not the processed garbage you get in grocery stores. 

* I keep a task list of non-negotiable things I must do every day. Writing my daily email[s], recording a podcast and/or video, advertising on social media and much more. Because this isn’t a common ‘todo list’ but rather a ‘non-negotiable list’ it means it’s set in stone. I *am* going to do it no matter what. This includes training of course. Especially because I do not *feel* like doing it. But because I *know* I have to do it. There is peace in knowing it will be taken care of because I have no other choice. 

And that’s it for now. 

These are four basic life essentials or ‘mandatories’ that I call them, that I will do every day, pretty much throughout the year. Of course life happens and there might be a pipe which bursts in the house, your car won’t start, dishwasher machine breaks down and so on. 

There’s always obstacles ahead. But you can still do most, if not all of your mandatory points. 

So, with this in mind, go write and implement your own mandatory checklist of non-negotiables and just start implementing them. 

So few other people do it. 

And you’ll save yourself endless amounts of Time and Energy which you can then use for the *real* struggles in life you come across. 

Such as dealing with real Time Thieves and Energy Vampires. Other people whose lives almost seem designed to bring you down. 

Y’know, nothing is as good as you being in the flow and doing your thing, only for your spouse or partner or someone you thought was your friend to bring you down and feeling bad for getting your life in order…wouldn’t you like to know how to work around other people instead of just things? 

People are often the worst of the worst. 

They make the things seem easy. 

Aight, aight, I’ll stop teasing you now. This part about people and the like is exactly what I teach to my email list [albeit for a fee]. But, you can get a sneak peak at what I’m getting at by getting your copy of a FREE ebook you’ll get when you subscribe to my email list.

One of the points goes into pursuing happiness and how you can ‘defeat’ other people’s attempts at making you feel bad by smiling.

Try it out and think happy thoughts.

Also, for ways to protect your Energy, saving time, dealing with Energy Vampires and the like, go get your FREE copy of this book.

Sign up to my email list by following this link: www.aaryningen.com

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