A ‘litmus test’ with psychological resistance to implementing

I used to deliberately smile when I was talking about something that I was passionate about. 

Such as going scuba diving, travelling to places, making money and overall having fun. 

It is a great way of connecting with other people. It makes them want to join in and ‘have fun’ in the conversation as well. Especially if you mix it with inflection and some light jokes here and there. The problem nowadays is, too few people are doing it. In fact, most people are afraid of engaging or they do so in confidence. Naturally, this depends on where you are and with whom you’re around. I remember at a job I had a long time ago, a lot of the guys would shoot the breeze and have fun, but only in their own environment, when nobody else was around. 

In other words, they lacked the ability to connect with most people, because they could only tell jokes suitable to ‘their’ environment. 

Meaning, they had to tell nasty, dirty and sexually oriented jokes that resembled that of an 18 year old. 

We’re talking adult men here. 

I remember it was fun to listen to these guys and laugh. At the same time, I found it rather childish. More, I used their humor as a means of gauging and testing them. I would *not* engage in their most childish jokes. Instead I would disengage. What I would do instead was to actually tell lighter jokes and see if these guys would engage in that sort of humor. Which they usually did not. 

In other words, they had problems adapting to my sense of, and other people’s sense of humor. 

I’m not going to say that makes them bad people. But they’re certainly not worth spending all your time around. Simply because they lack the ability to adapt. 

Would you be around people who couldn’t or wouldn’t adapt to your way of telling jokes? To your sense of humor? To your view of the world? I’m not telling you to be fake or say things you don’t even mean. That doesn’t take you anywhere in life. I’m simply saying go down [or up] a level in terms of humor according to whomever you’re talking with, so that they might like you better. 

Y’know, making money, getting more business deals, saving yourself time and all that. It’s kinda, sorta, important. 

Use this ‘litmus test’ to gauge people’s response and see who’s worth keeping around and who’s not. I think the answer will surprise you. 

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Yeah, it’s that simple. Not necessarily easy, it comes with a lot of work. But, having a positive attitude and smiling can take you a long way.

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