Motorbike rider’s secret to Endless Energy

I was talking to this cat the other day about some stuff. 

Turns out he’s not doing what I preach. Since I was told everything in private I will of course keep names, details and everything out of the loop and also be very vague about circumstances. But, in short, this bloke doesn’t have a place to stay at for the time being, looks to quit his job [which I believe is his only source of income] and really doesn’t have any proper plans for himself money wise going forward. 

I’m then getting questioned about all this ‘Endless Energy’ I preach about. 

Obviously, if you’re struggling to make ends meet financially, I can talk about all the energy and time saving hacks in the world. They will still help you naught. Because I am in a different world than yours, where I actually have the privilege of doing so. My bills are getting paid and I have surplus money, so I can focus on more important things. 

It’s kind of related to what I heard some time ago at a job I still had. Some of the lads were talking about how fun it was to ride a motorbike. And the costs and so on. 

‘Well, that’s why we have a job, right? So we can actually go ride those things.’ one of the guys said. 

Truer words have never really been spoken. Even though it took some motorbike hoodlum to speak them [not sure if the guy was a hoodlum really, he kind of looked like it]. 

Anyway, the principle is the same as I preach. Those guys were riding their motorbikes getting a major kick out of it. And, in order to do so, well they had to show up and make money for the man. 


I preach pretty much the same thing in my FREE ebook that you will be gifted upon opting into my email list.

I write;

‘I) Your health, finances, relationships, job situation and so on must be in check or you must be diligently working on getting them in order. 

If you are so broke you cannot pay your next electricity bill, immediately quit reading this document and make more money. 

Similarly, if you just lost your job and your income, find a new and (hopefully better) job. 

If you are alone and have no friends, work on your social life. 

If you lack any basic survival needs, take care of that first. 

If you are too fat to see past the equator and your shoes are hiding underneath your belly, get your diet in order and hit the gym. Go join a weight loss course or something.’

Pause and think about that for a second. Now, I’m not saying you can’t go around and spread Energy and even create Energy out of thin air if you’re still broke. I’m not saying that. I’m just saying it gets indefinitely tougher and harder to do, because your every thought is about money, how to get your finances up and running again and how much easier life would be if you just didn’t have to worry about such things. There’s a reason why a lot of the rich in the world are actually fit and healthy. They have *the time* to work on themselves and their body.

Now, this reminds me of time when I personally was poor and broke. 

I fortunately had a bed to sleep in at night. Had a job as well. However, I was in endless debt and it got so bad I literally had to choose between food or fuel for my car. It was that bad. Walking around, being hungry, not able to purchase food in the stores and certainly not able to go anywhere. 

It was just awful. 

I *still* did whatever I could to light people up and make them feel well. 

But it just didn’t have the same effect as it does now. Back then, I needed to direct most of my Energy into making more money. 

Pure and simple. 

And this is my advice for the bloke I was talking about as well. Consider money for what it really is: A tool. An amplifier. Something you need that makes more of who you are. Use that money to do good for the world. 

Otherwise your Energy must be directed towards yourself, first and foremost. 

And with that being said, if you *are* so broke you do not have a job and you’re struggling to make ends meet, do not be silly. Immediately look for a job, get somewhere to sleep and even look to get a second job. Build an online business. I highly recommend what BowTiedBull teaches. Or, I’m sure there’s someone on Twitter teaching the same thing. Whatever you must do, do it, to make more money. 

With that being said, 

Should you be looking for ways to save more time and create more Energy, I refer to the above quote from my FREE ebook which you’ll get once you opt into my email list. I teach several ways to create more Energy out of seemlingly, thin air.

But, y’kind of, sorta, need your finances in check to do what I preach.


Fix your finances first. Get one job. Get two jobs. Get three jobs if you must. Then go ahead and use what I teach.

Oh, and I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that you of course may use what I teach, whether it is time saving hacks, energy creation, distraction eliminations and so on *as you are making more money*.

Very important point.

So, with that being said,

If you want a FREE ebook and loads of tips on Time and Energy Protection [TEP], then opt into my email list.

The link to do so is here:

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