The Magic 300

I am talking about something very simple. 

It is part of I believe Alexander Cortes’ Prison Workout and I hereby refer to the pushup part of the workout. Namely, the number of pushups I did this morning from my hotel Room because the gym is sorely lacking, to say the least, and I prefer to finish my training sessions rather quickly in the morning so that it’s out of the way. 

Truth to be told, I’ve never understood those people who insist on going to the gym. I mean, I can understand it if you run a fitness business on the side and you ‘need’ to be seen in the gym, training and sweating. That’ll probably attract some clients. 

But, for those of us who do not run fitness businesses, nor are gym owners? 

What is the real point of going to the gym? 

Picking up girls? Being seen by other important people? Or being ‘seen’ by your ego, so you can pat yourself on the back for sometime, knowing that since you went to the gym today, you must have absolutely killed it? 

Well, I’ve got news for you.

Note that this is merely anecdotal. But, I like to think it applies for most people out there. And that is simply the fact that when I frequented the gyms actively and spent hours upon hours there, I was also the fattest and least fit I’ve ever been. Something to think about for those who are looking for the ‘feel good’ portion of going to the gym. 

Yeah, this is no joke. I was out of shape. At a 5’11 height I clocked in at around 260 or so lbs. I was, in other words, a massive whale. Suffered from sweat stains in my armpits and on my back. Started breathing heavily for nothing. And so on. I was anything but healthy. 

And the reason for that? 

Well, you’ve guessed it already, I presume. My diet was out of shape. Not only that, I was eating unhealthy processed carbohydrates and I didn’t really pay attention to the amounts of calories I put in my mouth. Nor did I care about eating chocolate, candy, sweets and washing it down with sugary soft drinks. You can imagine where this took me. 

This was 10+ or so years ago. 

Now, I’m much healthier and fitter. I also have higher Energy Levels, and I am very much into maintaining and retaining my high energy levels. I’m not going to say that eating more correct foods is the only thing that has helped me level up my Energy. But it surely has played an important role. 

Yet, there is more to it. And, that ‘more to it’ is what you’ll learn when you sign up for my email list where you’ll get a FREE ebook teaching you about all the stuff you need to know when it comes to Energy Levels and the like.

In fact, having your health in order is just the mere basics. When that is fine, let’s aim for the exciting Energy Portion of it all.

If this sounds like you dish o’ tea, then why are you hesitating?

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